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What the Term “Resident” Actually Means

In the interest of saving time I shall tell you bluntly and TRUTHFULLY that the term RESIDENT means PROPERTY of the “lord of the land” or LAND LORD… and THAT dear reader is the utterly FILTHY, “elitist” and feudalistic ideology hidden from you by your FILTHY public school teachers, university QUACKademics, the MSM, FILTHY Big…

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COMMUNITARIANISM: a three level con job

Communitarians borrow ideas from ancient religions, Plato, Marx, Jefferson, Buber and Madame Blavatsky. Studying their theory is a nightmare. It’s unfocused and vague. And, this new theory is nothing like what Fredric Bastiat called a valid scientific inquiry.

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Miasma of Madness

In the season when furtive elements within American society practiced assassination by killing earnest servers M. L. King and R.F. Kennedy, thereby helping wreck the common hopes and dreams for most Americans, this writer was a young attendant at the local State hospital. No ordinary hospital it was. Back then, the shattered souls ejected from…

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