the Gregorian Calendar/CoB is a TIME MACHINE

According the Chinese (lunar) Calendar the year is 4720. And according to the Jewish (lunar) calendar, the year is 5783. That means “they” – the filthy DEBT/DEATH-based globalist terrorism system – are 3761 years in the “future” when compared to the “Christian” calendar being the year 2022. Imagine how easy it would be to control the present moment if you were able to control all “historical” events.

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Confirmed: U.S. Military Running Propaganda On Social Media

As I’ve been saying forever to the flag-humping, “USA, USA, USA” chanting, “thank you for your service”, “god bless ‘Murica”, right-wing, patrioTARD, slave trash… the U.S. military is the world’s biggest terrorist organization. Here’s just more evidence in your face… ya filthy slaves…

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Mortal Enemy of Truth-Telling

U.S. Inc. / Western regimes abhor truth and where they go, so do their filthy, faggoty-assed, Whores of Babylon the MSM co-conspirators! Nothing they report on can be taken at face value. Mind-manipulating fake news is their stock and trade.

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5 Small Stones Symposium

Derp, Derp, Derp…. flag-humping, mental midget, patrioTARD, “USA, USA, USA” / “Build That Wall” chanting slaves be like… “thank you for your service”. Filthy trash is what the terrorist organization known as the U.S. military is and ALWAYS have been!!!

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YOUR Fagged-Up “Society”

i exist to take back language and meaning from ALL of you filthy, boot-licking, obedient slaves. THIS… is what “fag” means and why MOST of you “upwardly mobile” citizens, “careerists”, solder-boys, piggies, mental-midget Attorneys and overall… INAUTHENTIC–corporate-males/females out there are IN FACT… FAGS!

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