Herein exists a collection of materials that is aimed towards providing a thinking and rational mind the ability to be far more fluid and dynamic so as One can UN-learn the mountain of lies it has been indoctrinated since birth with.

the Cestui Que Vie Trust

The Cestui Que Vie Trust is an account all men/women born in America inherit due to the bankruptcy – just one of many – of the U.S. in 1933 and the subsequent ceasing of all the citizens gold, silver and other assets as collateral.

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the Enumerated Powers of Congress

If you study this paper and read the Constitution, you will know more about it than most State & federal so-called “judges”, most law professors & lawyers / esquires, those who spout off on TV & radio, just about anybody in Congress, and the self-educated who fixate on their own idiotic theories. And you will certainly know more than anyone currently occupying any office in the executive branch of the federal government.

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