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: Joseph-Eric: Bochenek©
nome de plume: Eric: Bochene©

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12th of April, 2002 (current era)


To: ANY and ALL TRUSTEES and their Principals as Public Servants of the UNITED STATES INC., with ALL their Fiduciary Duties, Obligations, Liabilities, etc.

i, as Author(ity) and as a Spirited, Pacifistic, Free-Man, Sui Juris, in Propria Persona, Attorney-IN-Fact and One of the Sovereign People ON the Land in this realm known as Earth, hereby demand that IT BE KNOWN, PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE, ALWAYS that as Beneficiary, i retain ALWAYS, ALL my natural, immutable and inalienable, God-Given Rights, and i NEVER, EVER waive any;

With ALL powers of and capacity of plenipotentiary, diplomat, representative; ambassador, minister, emissary, chargé d’affaires, chargé, envoy and legation again, BE IT KNOWN and NOTICED that War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, and Genocide are on the rise all around;

Mass murder, bombing/droning of civilians, torture, pillage, rape as a weapon of war, medical tyranny, human trafficking, disappearances, extrajudicial killings, terroristic-military psychological operations upon domestic populations… these unimaginable atrocities are sanctioned at the highest levels of legal-corporate fictions masquerading as De Jure/Organic governments “OF the People and BY the People”, Civilians – particularly children and women – suffer most;


I writ/writ this NOTICE to state on the record
that enough is enough!!!

Such grave crimes threaten the peace, security and well-being of the world, nature and the species of man and for the first time in history, individuals – including presidents and generals, etc. – to justice in national courts, or failing that, through the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague;

The victims of these heinous crimes need remedy and relief all so-called “governments” must support the ICC and its mission to end impunity for the perpetrators of these crimes and to contribute to their prevention;

Here are ways you as Trustees & Public Servants are assigned to conform:

  • Make the advancement and increased visibility of justice for grave crimes at the national and international levels one of your main priorities;
  • Demanding Trustees/Public Servants ratify or accede to Rome Statute, the ICC’s founding treaty, working towards the full implementation of the Rome Statute into national law, to ensure full cooperation with the ICC and domestic prosecution of grave crimes;
  • Demand Trustees/Public Servants do more to ensure the effective functioning of the ICC and Rome Statute system of international justice by arresting fugitives, protecting victims and witnesses, and ensuring the Court has sufficient resources;
  • Working with global civil society, including through the Parliamentarians for Global Action network, to ensure greater access to justice for victims of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide;


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Join the historic fight for global justice at:


Kind Regards and God Speed,

From ONE WHO IS/AS a PACIFISTIC, LIVING MAN and ACTIVE, ADVOCATE, of the COALITION for the ICC – a Civil Society Network in 150 Countries Fighting for Global Justice For WAR CRIMES, CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITYand GENOCIDE.


By Benefactor,

:Joseph-Eric: Bochenek
nome de plume: Eric: Bochene©
All Rights Reserved Always, Without Prejudice, UCC 1-207 & 1-308
Beneficiary of the Social Security Cestui Que Trust: