We separate humans and animals, as though the two are different, but we are one and the same. We both share the gift of instinct.

Instinct is often attributed to animals but humans have it too. It’s called intuition. That’s what intuition is, it’s an instinct. A gut instinct.



Humans rely on their intellect, because they’ve been trained to rely on logic. But haven’t you realized that “logic” is just all the morals and norms you’ve been conditioned to believe is reality?

Logic is what we have been taught is the “right” way of living and being, in every capacity. Instinct is what our vibrations know are right for us. Now doesn’t it sound a little questionable they wouldn’t want us following our instinct?

Humans Shame Their Instinct Because it isn’t “Logical”

But that’s what makes magic real. That’s when it becomes real. Your instinct is your logic, when you think about. Your own individual set of right and wrongs, uniquely designed for you. A path only you can follow. But humans teach and train them selves, and each other, how not to use it. Animals lives by it.

This is why many humans are getting sick because their bodies are in a consistently unnatural state of being that it was never going to get acclimated to. Because instinct is natural and it is inherently unnatural to go against your instinct. The result is creating realities you don’t really desire to be in. Because you went against what you instinctively knew was better for your vibration, based on logic.

Killer Instincts

Animals kill off instinct. As vile as their actions may be this is where human logic creates tension-because humans kill off instinct too. In a kill or be killed situation, many humans kill. I bring up this scenario specifically because it is one where instinct is totally in the driver’s seat. Until the ride is over.

The goal is to survive. It isn’t in malice, it is purely because your life was in imminent danger and the only way to walk out of the situation alive was to end the life of the individual(s) that was trying to take yours. In the animal world it happens every day. In the human world, it happens every day. But only one species is punished for acknowledging their instincts.

Animals continue living, and surviving when needed. Humans go to jail and live in a cage, for protecting their lives. Because logistically it is wrong to kill-no matter. It’s so wrong that sometimes the penalty is death. Meaning, either way you would’ve diedAnd that’s “logic”!