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Germ Theory vs. Terrain Theory

In today’s “system”, the FACT is… there’s no “profit” in providing actual remedies to ANYTHING… EVER! Be it “health”, “justice”, engineering & construction, the environment, transportation, logistics, etc. PERIOD!!! No “debate”, no “argument”! This is the cold-hard objective reality!

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What YOUR “Elites” Love Doing to You

This is just more COLD-HARD TRUTH and evidence that YOUR – NOT my – “elites” and their filthy CORPSE-orations hate you, hate your family, neighbors and humanity in general. I say “YOURS” rather than “my” or “ours” because people like me utterly reject ALL forms of “collectivism”, group-think/behavior, and systems of belief (aka “ANY &…

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Mike Adams “the Health Ranger” a Flip Flopper?

Strange flip-flopping, info. / DIS-info. seems to be emanating from Mike Adams [<< “about” page] of “the health Ranger” these days. To begin with, Mike has been at times “VERY anti-Q”… and then at times… VERY to semi “pro-Q”… but in a very calculative manner… if that makes “sense”. Example: on 16 Jan. 2021 Mike…

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