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Florida to Ban Coronavirus SCAMdemic “Vaccine Passports”

Just more evidence and “Writing on the Wall” that the fracturing and literal BREAK UP of the “U.S” has arrived and that “the Plan” is to have filthy, über-collectivist, SUB-human, degenerate leftists to the north in their eco-sexual “smart cities”… and flag-humping patrioTARDS to the south beholden to Israel.

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What YOUR “Elites” Love Doing to You

This is just more COLD-HARD TRUTH and evidence that YOUR – NOT my – “elites” and their filthy CORPSE-orations hate you, hate your family, neighbors and humanity in general. I say “YOURS” rather than “my” or “ours” because people like me utterly reject ALL forms of “collectivism”, group-think/behavior, and systems of belief (aka “ANY &…

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Mike Adams “the Health Ranger” a Flip Flopper?

Strange flip-flopping, info. / DIS-info. seems to be emanating from Mike Adams [<< “about” page] of “the health Ranger” these days. To begin with, Mike has been at times “VERY anti-Q”… and then at times… VERY to semi “pro-Q”… but in a very calculative manner… if that makes “sense”. Example: on 16 Jan. 2021 Mike…

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