In the season when furtive elements within American society practiced assassination by killing earnest servers M. L. King and R.F. Kennedy, thereby helping wreck the common hopes and dreams for most Americans, this writer was a young attendant at the local State hospital.

No ordinary hospital it was. Back then, the shattered souls ejected from the conformist community were still incarcerated en masse behind cold barren walls and steel bars. Frequent visits to shock therapy with shackled patients and standing guard four times a day at the Thorazine lines were typical duties of the job. Many horrors and poignant scenes imprinted my memory to this day. As in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – I could not distinguish where insanity began nor ended between establishment staff and the fragile wretched victims of societies’ cold machine.

After the suicide of a 16 year old black, Clayton Dent, who dreamed of Greek Heroes and who was able to walk across the football sized courtyard on his hands with pride in his fitness and will, I called it quits, unable to function under the fierce emotional stress.

Now thirty-six years have passed – still am I gifted with life and sound body and mind yet must continue questioning the awareness of lunatic asylums around my view. Is it my perceiving that is mad or the perceived?

Throughout the training and evolution that is a perquisite for human progress from tribal animal to cultured peaceful societies – the law of correlation and correspondence is useful for checking against falling into pits of bias and ignorant delusions that are as infinite as the stars in the sky. If for instance, a nation falls prey to the dictates of aggrandizement and conquest, therefore militarizing its population for the national performance of attaining objectives against the chosen enemies, what results does recorded history display and teach?

Without qualification war, bloodshed, horrible suffering by civilians and non-combatants as well as the cannon-fodder serfs who must battle for the elites in their safe citadels, the exhaustion of the national treasury and wealth and hosts of other negative effects – even in victory. Who seemingly profits? only the few soulless ones who gather the spoils after profiting from the war and pillage. Then the remnant victims must once more try to heal from the intense and unmentionable traumas from the “patriarchs’” wars.

I say “seeming” because in the eternal stream of events and lives, what is sweet today becomes very bitter tomorrow. The narrow slice of one life is not the whole loaf of being. Mocked not is Justice.

In contrast, when the rulers were benevolent and caring and when free men and women lived by compassionate inspired ideals – peace and culture reigned repeatedly in all of recorded history in all climes and cultures.

This does not mean that suffering and war disappeared. Just that the ascendancy of those qualities preached by the great ones and practiced by communities brought peace and plenty as well as glorious art, beauty, and culture.

Rigorous corroboration by correlation and correspondence will reward with the fruits of universal meaning and understanding when done with earnest and open clarity.

That said – the insane asylum I left in Massachusetts has overtaken the country called the United States of America: thoroughgoing criminal insane entities are in charge! Unholy alliances of fanatic, monomaniacal and power drunk fiends are consolidating their iron grip on whole populations from coast to coast. Who they are is well known and documented. Their religion and philosophy is articulated in numerous tomes and articles. The PhDs of their crazed plans for the country and world come marching out as dutiful minions for their paymasters to obfuscate and gloss over the overarching negative death-dealing results of their future programmes for Humankind. These minions serve not humans – only abysmal ghouls who insatiably rant about Full Spectrum Dominance and Nuclear Wars as natural inevitabilities etc…….all the while stuffing their pockets and offshore banks with billions of dollars of taxpayer money.

Geheime Staatspolizei ‘Secret State Police’. Germany has given the English language many words. Gestapo, short for the above is not only permanent part of the language but also in-deed! Everywhere one looks military, secret enforcers and police of every stripe from dozens of local, county, state and federal agencies are forming into one massive oppressive Gestapo Goliath and everyone smiles and licks their jackboots to a fine polish.

Not a day passes without reports of the growing Gestapo. At the RNC this coming week the NYC officials smirk and boast they have 36,000-armed police to keep order; the ninth largest army in the world. This does not count undercover, Secret Service, CIA and in addition, whatever shadow forces are clandestine. They must protect NYC residents and the delegates from terrorism. Sure, sure – Brooklyn Bridge is for sale – any takers?

In virtually every war in recorded history, the secret agenda was firm control of the internal populations by terror and mobilization against the external “enemy”.

In the case of the Bush criminal junta – let’s say this with utter clarity and precision – the “war on terror” is totally unequivocally contrived as a cover to apprehend total submission of the US population en masse to the absolute control by the rulers of the State.

Why this happened is not the subject at hand. The Wheel of Sharp Weapons hints of some possibilities as does The Axis of Fear; two prior articles by the present commentator.

9/11 was the instrumentality for the serious seizure to begin! The Bush criminal junta with elements of clandestine CIA operatives within the shadow ruling elite masterminded, engineered and perpetrated the biggest crime ever committed in the United States since the birth of the nation.

This is easy to prove – but again it is not the subject at hand.

Conspiracy is a very accurate and legal word, especially when prosecuted by the FBI or the DEA against whomever they want to bring down. However, for the purpose of the larger discourse in the nation and world, its meaning has been thrashed and ridiculed to the margins of the twilight zone. The conspirators at large in the world did this with complete intent and consciousness. This in itself is conspiracy.

The semantic roots of “conspiracy” come from Latin and French: Latin conspirare ‘agree, plot’: Old French conspirer, from con- ‘together with’ + spirare ‘breathe’. To plot and breathe secretly together, in other words.

“Co-operative assemblage of intentionality” (CAI) is difficult to ravish and ridicule out of effective utility, so hence forth, that phrase, awkward as it is, will be employed in my commentaries in lieu of “conspiracy”.

The 9/11 atrocity and the continuing cover-up and silence is the result of a massive CAI with implications that stagger the mind. TV and media propagandists and hackolytes speak not of what matters and speak lies and trivialities that matter not.

The 9/11 Commission Report is the final word. Where do we go from here? To where no accountability is needed; no questioning about the thousands of hard facts that fly in the face of the official fairy tale version peddled by establishment figures and luminaries, where 2 + 2 = 5 and words echo in chambers desolate of meaning and genuine communication? This is the same place, tone and feeling found in insane asylums.

the 9/11 Truth movement is marginalized to the outer fringes and hidden depths of denial.

The CIA is the fascist toolbox since its very inception when Nazis became the first secret covert operators; the Gehlen Organization led by Reinhard Gehlen, Hitler’s top beloved spy. Gehlen recruited Nazi SS, Gestapo and mass murderers. This is the documented history of Operation Paperclip. Since then world mayhem and right wing extremists have been their recipes in service to the few and mighty that operate in delicate discretion above the fray.

There is a concerted CAI performed by the CIA and we see the debris all around.

Either the 9/11 truth will burst forth in the present crisis that is bearing down upon the nation and Humanity, creating the conditions for a genuine deracination and transformation or the haze of insanity, unreality and unspeakable malevolence which now obscures everything will continue until that moment when cyclic detonation strikes all. As a drought stricken forest is conflagrated into a holocaust inferno and burned to ashes by one small spark – so will it happen – sparing no one.

There is still some time left, but oh so precious little time it is.

The mad inmates are ruling the nation and virtually everyone is in thrall and fearful to speak out with righteous outrage against the violent perfidy against Humanity and all that is of value in the world. There is an invisible straightjacket on the populace. Electric shock treatments dispensed by media hackolytes numb their emotional-mental bodies into stupor and submission. No scandal can shake the establishment now. No pillaging of the treasury stirs any complaints. No amount of Orwellian or Goebbelsian doublespeak and blatant lies ruffle any feathers. Any amount of killing and slaughtering for Empire and Oil is welcomed with waving flags and “4 more years!”

How is it possible? A sociopath cretin who tortured animals and was a dissolute addict for most of his adult life is the Imperial leader of the United States. When he is able to barely articulate the speeches handed him by the puppet masters – he is applauded with adulation and extolled by the media as though his words came from Mt. Olympus.

This humanoid clone entity is methodically implementing the destruction of the United States and the world! Yet most everyone claps. More than 40% of the USA supports genocidal mass murder against the Middle Eastern peoples and brutal Gestapo suppression of dissenters and peaceful opponents to war in the “Homeland”. They hold out their hands in adoration as the oppressors manacle and depredate them too! Madness is rampant and normal.

Sure, there are dissidents and “progressives” – but they are all collecting their checks and enjoying their next meals, no sacrifices, no bold and courageous actions to safeguard the hard fought for rights of Liberty and Peace. Run from the Darth Vader vestments and jackbooted goon squads into your “pens” like sheeple cowards. Every cringe and whimpering whine will empower the dark force.

It is not enough to catalog the demented degeneration of civilization supervised by the Bush administration and the Elites, and then cry impotently.

There must be brave, relentless and fearless confrontation and leadership against the insane junta and systemic corruption. Effective and bold defiance or otherwise…. only epitaphs will testify to the cowardice and decadence of this time.

a Miasma of Madness envelopes the country. Its fetid stink seeps into every crevice of the public life.

Raging rabid zealous criminals and lunatics run the halls of Washington and Wall Street. Corporate Gangsters dismantle safeguards, tear the flesh, and drink the blood of the country for greed and supremacy. Privatizations, globalization a neo-liberalism are mantras and deceptions for world ownership. Nothing less will gratify their lust.

Why wonder how the WWII Germans and Jews went to their own slaughter with smiles and hopes – just put on FOX news, NBC, or any media and see how it happens. It is happening now. The evidence is oceanic in breadth and depth.

It shows in every crazy betrayal as Kerry and the Democrats are proving, in every waving flag in honor of war and military Ramboism, in every deteriorating pillar of the democratic and liberty loving edifice constructed by authentic and humane saviors of the race – saviors who battled tyranny and tyrants that ruthlessly spawn like oozing maggots from bloated corpses.

Look hither and thither – it matters not. Look East, South, North and West – it matters not. Look into every cabinet and department of the government – it matters not. Everywhere insanity and crooked perversion is ruling the roost.

Look to see once more – only in the little ones will you be sure to see the whole and the beautiful of humanity, is it not these very ones that are crushed by the madness first and for sure?



“The soul is healed by being with children”
wrote Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

It is by that correlation and correspondence that truth will be revealed and healing happens.
Then the miasma of madness can become fragrant fields of promise once more.

Original Article

by: Zdzislaw Richard Zmijewski / published 29 August, 2004