the war OF terror… a Look Back
by: staff writer / July 23, 2004


Some people are starting to wonder who the real terrorists are. the Purveyors of fear and violence are the same as they have always been. a Global elite that not only feels the need to be wealthy, but to make others destitute, diseased or dead. for Some time they have used the UNITED STATES government as cover for their crimes against humanity.

Many already know that the vast majority, if not all, of “terrorist violence” is directly instigated by the Earth’s governments. from Bali bombings to Spanish train stations to the World Trade Center. But wait, that’s only how a War of Terror is started, there are a few more items on the menu.

Also part of the current War of Terror is a prison system used to instill hate & fear into a significant amount of the population. the War of Drugs, with it’s CIA sponsored drug running, has managed to fill these dismal places. and of Course, paying prison guards to abuse prisoners is just gravy on top for those bent on subjugation. I contend that some of the abuses practiced at Abu Graib were tested in American prisons. Notice that a guard posing in one of the first photos was also a prison guard in upstate NY, USA. the Worldwide prison system maintained by the UNITED STATES government is a crucial part of the War of Terror.

the War of Terror has pervaded daily life in so many ways it’s impossible to list them all. Concentrating on large cities, the domestic aspects of this war on humanity include imprisoning Americans for years without trial and deploying troops among the civilian population. Most North American news services have also enthusiastically enlisted in this war, trumpeting endless stories and “alerts” focusing on the darkest nightmare scenarios that can be fancied.

More of a symptom than an early warning sign is the suppression of any dissent or peaceful mass gatherings. Portions of the domestic police forces, economic hardship coupled with bullying corporations and, of course, all the media are used for this. in America for the past decade, it has always been the police that incite violence at citizens’ peace demonstrations. the Gatherings protesting this Last Cabal have grown to such a size though that an individual has a better chance everyday of being hit by a car than of being arrested at a peaceful gathering, so join the street party.

Once it is realized that the UNITED STATES government has declared a War of Terror and not a War on Terror the reasons become plain. Why do they do this or that? Usually the intended goal is to impose fear, pain and suffering on as many humans as possible.

Why would the U.S. millitary enter Iraqi houses in the middle of the night and abduct innocent people? They are terrorizing the Iraqi population in a most basic way.

Why would the Special Virus Program experiment on the American (and world) population? to Give them some diseases to fear. All the press will be sure to pump up this one, boo! SARS!

Why would the UNITED STATES military budget be larger than the rest of the world combined? Many reasons, but it takes a lot of accomplices and equipment to terrorize the world.

Why would advanced, planet saving technology be suppressed? to Keep world destroying industries in place and prolong the suffering of the masses.

Why would the U.S. government kill Americans? Simply to start a war, like WW2 or the current one. Are you really naive enough to think the U.S. Gov doesn't kill people?


This is a viewpoint that might be new to some people, but it makes sense of the world as we know it. It’s been this way since before you were born. It’s nothing unheard of. the Unheard of part is that normal, everyday people are becoming aware of it.

So how is that War of Terror going? Very poorly actually. North America is not under martial law with Junior still in power, as had been hoped. Why the neo-cons haven’t even been able to start a third full war! (they are still trying… Haiti might count) The plans called for quite a few more than that by now. Even the hyper-programmed American public ignores the color-coded terrorist alert system.

My favorite “screw up” was when the WMD planting convoy in Iraq got blown up by U.S. troops. This could also be seen as inter-factional fighting and purely intentional. After all, some military people are said to still have a sense of honor. Take heart, the terrorist acts planned for the American public have been thwarted. None have come to fruition. Remember when the Israeli woman was found at LaGuardia airport with a vial of anthrax and a personal respirator? Once discovered and stopped (!) she was hustled out of the country through Texas by some FBI agents.

There is one area though in which the neo-con plans have worked. the Sacking of the treasury proceeded well. And the pumping of the population for that last bit of change is pretty much complete. Can you say, “higher gas prices and record oil profits?” But what’s a few generations of fake debt?

at This point it’s really about species and planetary survival. the Answers are simple, but this Last Cabal is riding the coat-tails of generations of population programming and control. In a way that’s the good news. the Controls are increasingly breaking down, and this is far more important than anyone overtly in power will admit. the Current system of worldwide repression has been operating on borrowed time.

Seeing this War of Terror for what it is should help remove the fear mentality. Guard your mind and ignore the obvious liars. Speak to those who have just begun to question. the American public is the last to recognize the current situation for what it is. Many informed people who do have power are now committed to working for the greatest good of all (AKA win/win). the Toppling of the Last Cabal and all it stands for has been planned. the Only thing left is for the masses to cease worshipping fear and for peace to be declared.

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