Overall Short & Pristine Version of the Situation:
Baring those who will undoubtedly be dying from violent and unnatural deaths –– as well as those who are currently knocking on death’s door mostly due to the sub-human trash I call “White Coats” and what most of you slaves call “Doctors” –– each and every human being on this planet is now witnessing the end of the world as we know it.

All are present and accounted for to view the death of a systemically sick society, which was created in part by an omnibus of myths known as “history”. A history, which the state sanitizes, packages and distributes to the institution known as the “educational system”. Consumed by the people, it becomes mortared and hardened into the social structure as part of the “manufacturing of consent” process.

However… at this very moment, the facts stand self-evident for all to see. This contemporary human scheme based largely on international finance is sending the human species into the deepest and darkest abyss that it has ever known.

The future’s “collestimony” –– a compound of COLLECTIVE + TESTIMONY… as this writer is finished with the word HIS-story –– will document that this system – which serves merely to enrich a very small group known as the global elite – exists now and always has due to a trendy/lefty “pop-culture” of fascism, nationalism, patriotism, militarism, apathy, wanton consumerism and corporate neo-liberalism. All aided by an utterly and utterly corrupt corporate media.

These are the precise and prime causes for this “end” which we speak of… the USA as well as the whole kit n’ caboodle of “western society” (which includes most of the world now and much of Asia) is going out of business and EVERYTHING must go!

Under Reporting by the PRESStitutes:
In the United States of Amnesia, civil liberties are being terminated and dissent stifled thanks to things such as the Patriot Act I, Patriot Act II and a plethora of “Executive Orders”. All which are habitually signed late Friday evenings in an effort to avoid the weekly news cycle while consolidating powers for the demagogues. Plundering away daily… just as weasels steal away during the night… so goes about the U.S. government and their corporate paymasters bleeding America dry… and yet… the people do NOT rise!

Item for consumption:
The diminishing “mid-ASLEEP-class” in America was thrilled to pieces when they received that thousand-dollar tax-refund check for the 2003 fiscal year. I can only imagine the giddiness felt by “Self-Centered––Median––Americans” as they tore into the envelopes that cradled table scraps for them to nibble on. Imagine… actually receiving financial resources from none other than the munificent government of the United States of America! Who can blame them for being so elated? Yes folks… all the financial arrogance is back with a vengeance from the Reagan era 80’s and let’s not mention that the rhetoric of “get a job ya lazy bum” is now politically correct again!

Not so long ago I was able to catch the airing of “focus group” vis-à-vis the two U.S. presidential candidates on C-Span. When the group was asked what president Bush’s prime and most awesome accomplishment was, the majority chimed and chuckled away that they “really… really… really liked getting that $1,000 check in the mail… It was really a sweet deal.” The Befuddled slaves apparently don’t know how to do simple math… that… or Americans are suffering from a mass infection of the “cognitive dissonance virus”.

It goes without reason, that not one person (aside from those who stand in rank among the massive legions of the weak in mind, weak in character and weak in compassion departments), can deny that within the current authoritarian system an emblematic situation exists whereas the governments of “we the people” are in fact conducting them selves not in symbioses with the people, but rather exhibiting conduct that is parasitic in nature. A conduct that leaches off the goodwill and hard work of every day the people.

Americans above all should be asking them selves how far a thousand U.S. dollars go? One thousand U.S. dollars is breadcrumbs related to the cost of feeding the ever-thirsty beasts of burden that rampage and terrorize communities across the nation otherwise known as SUVs. It’s not even enough breadcrumbs to make bread pudding as pension plans are being reneged upon by an ever-growing list of trans-national –– mega-corporations in their efforts to pull their sorry asses out of bankruptcy. They never ever think of slashing if not temporarily withholding the salaries, incentives, bonuses and special perks of the CEO’s, CFO’s and the other c-FUCKING-o’s! One thousand U.S. dollars is more like “trickle-down” piss in the eyes of teachers who dig spare change outta their own piggy banks to buy crayons for the ever so neglected youth they attempt to educate. One thousand U.S. dollars does NOT nearly attract as much food to the dinner table as shit attracts flies. One thousand U.S. dollars allows perhaps a fraction of one zillionth of what the federal government arrogantly and falsely believes it has rights of plunder to.

Americans above all should be asking them selves how far a thousand U.S. dollars go? One thousand U.S. dollars is breadcrumbs related to the cost of feeding the ever-thirsty beasts of burden that rampage and terrorize communities across the nation otherwise known as SUVs. It’s not even enough breadcrumbs to make bread pudding as pension plans are being reneged upon by an ever-growing list of trans-national –– mega-corporations in their efforts to pull their sorry asses out of bankruptcy. They never ever think of slashing if not temporarily withholding the salaries, incentives, bonuses and special perks of the CEO’s, CFO’s, etc. One thousand U.S. dollars is more like “trickle-down” piss in the eyes of teachers who dig spare change outta their own piggy banks to buy crayons for the ever so neglected youth they attempt to educate. One thousand U.S. dollars does NOT nearly attract as much food to the dinner table as shit attracts flies. One thousand U.S. dollars allows perhaps a fraction of one zillionth of what the federal government arrogantly and falsely believes it has rights of plunder to.

Teachers digging into their own pockets for school supplies while losing the once coveted tax breaks they enjoyed for such things [LINK], the GROWING millions of Americans without health care, the GROWING millions of Americans living below poverty levels (including many in the U.S. military) [LINK], the mounting number of public school closures, the desecration of the earth’s environments, the greed of rank corporate nepotism and person-hood that has made “corruption” not an exception but the RULE of corporate America [LINK], the sight of firemen on the streets in both NYC as well as Oakland California (and who knows where else?) and the fact that it is common for many to run out of money between paychecks and have to buy groceries, gas and other “necessary” items with credit cards all illustrate the fact that this insidious “system” strives to root servitude to capital and thus authority.

Cold Hard Truth – 01:
All These examples expose the cold hard truth that those of us inside the 99 percentile (which I trust includes you and I) actually own nothing except for our liberty and lives. That’s 99% of us who essentially own no REAL capital while the elite 1% own everything! To be specific, the top 10% own 71% of the wealth or… you may take your pick and chose to state that the top 1% own more than the bottom 90% [LINK]. One may go further and add that apparently the “elite” even appear to they even own many “commoners”, as they are encouraged daily at the sights of unyielding patriotism and all it’s splendid –– albeit thoughtless –– flag-waving. It also appears to the elite that the majorities of commoners exhibit immense fears towards thorny truths and will oddly and willfully subjugate themselves in exchange for “safety” while being told how to think, act and feel about virtually everything. Motive enough for some “element” to perhaps institute an aura of fear within a given society?

For those of us who are disposed –– as painful as it may be –– to think for ourselves, “the writing is on the wall” as they say. Markedly humanity as well as the planet can no longer sustain this current working model and it can no longer provide the fuel that drives it. To alleviate my own spiritual and cosmic beliefs, as they are mine alone for my own personal essence, I shall set aside the fact that the Mayan calendar ends at 2012. In it’s place I offer to you the reality of “peak oil”. The irrefutable facts state with precise clarity that; “barring major wars or destruction on infrastructure, peak oil effects will begin to be widely witnessed by 2007”. The derivative data that illustrates this peak oil reality takes into account current and projected statistics that include global field discoveries, field development, and production as well as consumption rates.

  • For more on this is global and socioeconomic reality I point you to eloquence and provisional supplier of hard-hitting facts, Mike Ruppert and his website: [LINK]


Cold Hard Truth – 02 (9/11’s reality & yet to be seen meaning):
Questions may be permeating amongst the “awake” regarding the realities that face our global community. Perhaps the question of “where does that leave humanity now and where is it headed” is jus one of many. I believe, that we are at the “apex” of this current system… and less we forget it is a human system. A system that has been built and enabled upon the lives of each and every human being that has lived and is alive this very moment. I also add that a prevalent belief held by those who are “awake” and watching is that the human species is on the verge of either annihilating itself or finding it’s next stage of evolutionary potential… maybe both! That I hope addresses the question of “where humanity is now” at least on a radical (Latin for: “to the root”) level.

What “icon” best represents this apex I speak of? I feel that I can speak for myself and for a substantial number of other non-aligned and non-partisan, activists, investigative journalists, researchers and even for those who are simply awake and watching that September 11, 2001 was the pivotal moment that the death scream of the current system began to be heard around the world for all to hear. With 9/11, the world’s global elite launched their long-standing agenda into fast-forward mode while making it clear that “time” is now moving more hastily by on the ticking cosmic clock.

To put it plainly, 9/11 was an INSIDE JOB! I will not go into any of the technically based theories for reasons I have stated in previous writings and commentaries, but will say that the culprits are in fact all trains-nationals that stem from various schools of thought and factions of the global elite. I will not go into my personal feelings as to how WTC 1, 2 and 7 were actually brought down even though there was absolutely no reason for number 7 which housed then Mayor Giuliani’s high-tech bunker to come down as it was not hit by anything.

To further examine the dark orchestral maneuvers of 9/11 let us examine the wraith named Giuliani for a moment. I firmly believe that collestimony will reveal that he was one of many in the “orchestra of the willing and complicit”. Only a greedy, apathetic, self-centered, racist homophobe could argue against the fact that this evil little man conducted his administration in an inhumane, militant, Nazi-Fascist manner. For example, as a New Yorker I can remember the City Hall building under Mayor Dinkins, free and accessible to the people of New York as city halls are intended to be. Then comes Giuliani and his drum-beating obsession with crime and punishment (one of the 14 symptoms of fascism) and up goes a barricade and security system around City Hall illustrating that the “bunker mentality” was rooted in New York City long before 9/11. Was this done out of an envy of higher office such as the White House? Was it merely compensation for Giuliani’s lack of manhood? I’d say that New Yorkers were being utilized as a test-market for the forthcoming nationwide fascist police state that would be sent to market after 9/11. On any note… that was then and this is now.

Truth’s Wall of Resistance:
At this point, it can not be denied that there are many substantial albeit sometimes disputed even conflicting theories out there for those with interest to make your own personal journey of discovery into. Personally, I have always been “following the money” by simply looking at who and what business sectors have been the largest benefactors of 9/11. Like any good detective I began examine those with the “motive” and more importantly the means or “opportunity” to conduct this heinous crime. Unless one is a complete fool and believes, as the evil liars would have them believe, that people simply wake up one day and decide they “hate freedom” and want to fight against it, then the true and greatest “benefactors” exist in plain sight for all to see… and to watch… INTENSELY!

Now it should be known that the majority of research being produced by “watchers” is NOT the work of pimply-faced, “thin foil hat” wearing, introverted teen-agers sitting on a computer in their Mommy’s shadowy basement. Much of the best and most detailed work derives from engineers, PhDs, prominent professors, accredited journalists, theologians and of course from “average people” who have risen to the task of performing incredible feats not for the betterment of their own station within this insane society or any single state… but for the betterment of ALL their Brothers and Sisters in this world.

Herein arises a need to posture a defense tactic that illustrates how I and other like-minded members within my human family can EASILY destroy any and all ridicule or admonishments that spew rhetoric based on a stigma of “conspiracy”. To put it bluntly –– as well as painfully to those who choose to cheer rather than attack their conditioning and belief system –– “Conspiracy” is in fact a legal term utilized for the indictment and prosecution of individuals or groups of individuals for “criminal” activities each and every day. This is not only true in the U.S. but around the world! We even have the recent example of none other than the home décor diva herself Martha Stewart. The guilty as sin wench that she is was charged and found guilty of none other than “CONSPIRACY” [LINK]. Presented with this FACT we all see that conspiracies do in fact exist and people do in fact conspire within what I again term our insane society. Perhaps a better non-soiled term that is difficult to ravish and ridicule out of effective utility would be “Co-operative Assemblage of Intentionalit” (CAI). On any note, I speak with admitted arrogance and impudent certainty that this now ends the argument.

So where is the problem here? Is it the apparent tendency of many of our fellow citizens in this world to desire or cognitively seek-out “easy truths” in their lives? Is it Possible that many are simply new souls and therefore unequipped and ignorant? Could it be that masses have been conditioned to live vicariously through celebrities? Could it be that people have been intentionally dumb-downed by a system intent on enslaving the masses and the successful result of the state’s “manufacturing of consent” campaign? This is an important question that must be examined as part of the “where we are headed” question I mentioned earlier.


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
To achieve the good that they desire, the bold do not fear danger; the intelligent do not refuse to undergo suffering. It is the stupid and cowardly who are neither able to endure hardship nor to vindicate their rights; they stop at merely longing for them, and lose through timidity the valor roused by the effort to claim their rights, although the desire to enjoy them still remains as part of their nature.from: “the Politics of Obedience”: the Discourse of Voluntary Servitude
by: Etienne de La Boetie
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Where the “Truth” & Humanity is Now:
Back to “where humanity is now”. Where we are now is a place that offers perpetual and endless wars. In America we are in a place that features two main elements sharply split by design right down the middle. This “split” is a recipe for the inevitable and darker days ahead of America and subsequently, many other parts of this earth. These dark days may take many forms and may be defined or labeled different things by different individuals or groups of individuals.

Words like oil wars, water wars, corporate wars, race riots, civil wars, revolutions, coup-de-tats and what have you. Regardless, immanent and widespread strife is in the cards for this sick, global society. It should be noted here and now that I deliberately left out “nationalist wars” as the “war OF terror” is proving to us all that the trans-nationals think only in these terms.

This evidence alone should be substantial motivation to every human being of good will to conduct them selves in the same fashion and shed the myths of nationality and race. Or, are people really that naive to believe that high-level corporate boardrooms have a single gaudy flag displayed within them? Is this what people are still believing to this very day even within our ever-shrinking world? Thanks to the verbally masturbating, gate keeping, “liberal-left” and the viral of PhDs, intellectuals, and so forth, seemingly many still have yet to recognize that nationalism is purely intended for peasants and surfs. However, let us not worry for once the masses are enslaved, these things shall rapidly dissipate, as the elite will have no more use for those tools.

Where we are also in a place with not many foreseeable options or solutions. The inept “left” and their protest marching, permit seeking masses are clearly ineffectual. The “Anybody But Bush” crowd is clearly a befuddled group as their savior Kerry only promises to continue the current “war OF terror” upon the world and even promises to do it “smarter”. The reformists are not any answer either as the “DemoPublican party” has effectively stifled any possibility of them receiving campaign resources for the electoral process [LINK] as even the Florida Secretary of State, Glenda Hood, said… “the Reform Party is no longer a viable political organization” [LINK]. Finally… the self-centered, self-serving, new age, pacifist crowd is utterly useless. They exist via daily life with one prevalent desire, to live forever and avoid anything that may call for some self-sacrifice and bodily harm. They supplement this with their vegan diet and by applying some strange form of a crystallized deodorant stick. I admit here and now that I am personally entertained when confronting these types. Ask them why the do not work more closely with our nation’s police and military, for it is they who clearly need their “counsel” far more than “Anarchists” and radical “Revolutionaries”.

Persecution of Those With the Truest of American Values:
Now let’s talk about this last group(s)… Anarchists and Revolutionaries… For some time, even long before the lead-up and the actual event known as the “Republican National Convention” that was held in New York City (2004), those of us watching and paying attention saw the concerted effort by the mainstream press to demonize Anarchists, direct-action activists and other non-authoritarian, radical individuals and groups [LINK]. Rhode Island’s Governor himself proposed an initiative for the new Rhode Island “Homeland Security” bill that before even talking about weapons of mass destruction or poisoning the water system or anything else that a rational person might consider “terrorism”, said that: “Any person who shall teach or advocate anarchy” will go to prison for a ten (10) year term [LINK]. Apparently the system is dreadfully fearful (as all systems ALWAYS have been) of Anarchy, its theories and its ideals. Even though the numbers of individuals who follow said theories and ideals represent a minute number.

So what does this tell us all? I’d like to suggest that this minority we just spoke about and perhaps most importantly those in the “9/11 Truth Movement” readdresses some its previously employed tactics. Perhaps it is time to begin striving for loftier ambitions?

The numbers of those who claim affinity to any of the above-described groups are nominal to say the least. This writer believes it is essential to seek out new methodologies for sharing truths and ultimately implementing truths into other social dichotomies. Other such social structures as that of the U.S. military. From the ground up, the military is essentially and by design, far removed from mainstream culture. Does anyone think it coincidence the core military ranks derive from backwater towns and the poor urban ghettos of America? Of course it is difficult for the elite to enlist their canon fodder and killers from communities that are enlightened in the arts, culture and humanities as well as communities that contain substantial numbers of those who have “left the village” and gained the ever so valuable lessons learned through travel and I don’t mean traveling as “tourist” or as a member of the military!

Collestimony has shown us time and again that changes and social advances have always been rooted in cultural centers of the arts and humanistic thought. Yes… that would mean cities and not rural, homogenized communities made-up of simple country folk. Yes, this sounds “elitist” but bare in mind… NEVER have the artistically enabled, culturally enlightened urbanites sought to bring misery and suffering upon those in rural-America through such things as bombing raids. By the way, “urbanites” do NOT include the vile swine known as Bankers and Wall Street pigs for they are a completely separate beast.

Military Action in Place of an Inactive Private Citizenry:
To go further into this “sharing of truth” with America’s military culture I say that “military action” seems to be the one and only immediate solution that can possibly set America and the entire world back on a path towards peace and tolerance. Perhaps even leading back to more pure human endeavors such as discovery and exploration. Yes, some may accuse this thinking as being inline with the “New World Order” but this is not so.

No one in their right mind would desire a “one world government”… but instead a system wherein persons of good-will represent the world’s wonderfully diverse communities in a forum with others holding the same intentions and good-will. Not only is this essential for humanity’s very near future… but it is possible… when authority is eradicated and the days of persons “bred” for politics are a part of our ugly and deadly war-mongering-for-profit past.

It is truly possible that real persons from all walks of life… people such as firemen, doctors, nurses, teachers, artists, musicians, gardeners and so on… can serve as voices rather than leaders for their communities. Does this not sound better than the career demons we have today that are so far removed from nature and the real life issues that we the people face each and every day? If we do not achieve this and make it a reality in the very near future we are all very likely doomed to slavery, tyranny and perhaps extinction.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Good people do not need laws to tell them how to act responsibly, while bad people will find ways around the laws.
– Plato
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Why Military Action Against the U.S. Gov:
The veracity and cruelty of the situation speaks for it self. As previously mentioned, the “numbers” of those who see truth and are ready and willing to accept it are far too nominal to affect any real and rapid changes. Besides… what “tools” exist at their disposal to forcibly remove the perverse and corrupt system? And let us not fool ourselves here… Those in power will only be removed through force. It should be our hope that within the U.S. military there still exists some element with integrity and a sense of honor. Elements that should and could easily soon rise and recognize who the true enemy is… their true enemy and the enemy of all the world’s peoples.

What other “force” can drag the evil elite kicking and screaming from their ivory towers and into the streets for we the people to witness the spilling of their blood as well as the blood of the ilk who protect them? Oh yes dear reader the spilling of evil blood must be offered as obsessing with “crime and punishment” only keeps us all in the realm of fascism. As the people of Italy justifiably dragged and kicked the body of Benito Mussolini through the streets… so do the people of America and the people of the world need the same sort of closure.

Some “innocents”, maybe many, will have their blood spilled as well but is their blood more valuable than blood of the millions of innocents in Iraq? How about Argentina, Vietnam, Columbia, Cambodia? All places that have been left to bleed out like a stuck pig by the United States. The Answer is no and again… it is a military action against the U.S. government that offers our best and most immediate hope.

Surely this “situation” is not where any of us want or wanted to be at. Longing for military action against a government and the “services” that protect them such as the Secret Service, CIA, FBI and FEMA? However, this is today’s reality and unless one would like to argue that somehow Americans are miraculously going to rise up and overrun the plague of corruption ruling over and robbing them. Who could do that especially when given the FACT that 80% of Americans over the age of 25 are over-weight, gluttonous, apathetic pigs [LINK]?

Of course this will not happen and the system knows it as they designed this dumb-downed fattened up populous. They utilize the “fit” youth by recruiting them into the military while intentionally applying layers of fat cells upon the masses in the civil sector… Why else do you think age limits are in place for military service? Militants must be young… healthy… and most importantly unenlightened! The system cannot for example, allow their military ranks to obtain realizations such as the fact that the USA supported al-Qaeda from 1999-2001. And that U.S. as well as NATO support to al-Qaeda continued during the wars in Kosovo (1999), Macedonia (2001) and even up to three weeks before 9/11. Detrimental affects would ripple through the ranks if a realization came to pass regarding the U.S. government and the “Islamic Militant Network” working hand in glove to support and finance the self-proclaimed “National Liberation Army” (NLA). Imagine the poor fools inside the U.S. military learning that this “National Liberation Army” was involved in the terrorist attacks in Macedonia… The making of good soldier slaves this would be not! What would happen the “soldiers” were to realize that while conditioned to believe they are serving as “defenders of freedom” they in all actualities exist to fight against it as they clearly always have in each and every example of struggles for human rights and dignity? What if they were to know U.S. military advisers mingled with Mujahideen and that western mercenaries from NATO countries have fought alongside Mujahideen recruited in the Middle East and Central Asia? The U.S. media calls this a “blowback” phenomenon rather than by it’s true name… illicit intent [LINK].

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

War is just a racket - - something that is not what it seems to the majority of people. Only a small inside group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few at the expense of the masses - - I wouldn't go to war again as I have done to protect some lousy investment of the bankers. There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights - - War for any other reason is simply a racket - - I spent 33 years and 4 months in active military service as a member of this country's most agile military force, the Marine Corps. I served in all commissioned ranks from Second Lieutenant to Major General. And during that period, I spent most of my time being a high-class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and for the Bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism.


Excerpts from a speech delivered in 1933
by: Major General Smedley Butler, USMC[LINK]

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Long Lost Potential & Crib Death of America:
Gandhi was once asked what he thought of western society and he replied: “I think it would be a good idea”. For all intents purposes the United States (not "America") is already dead and buried. The 200 year old ideal is gone and perhaps never existed, for in review of it’s legacy, one sees a state that was built upon slavery and the exploitation of each and every last immigrant group (excluding the original and vile Puritans of course) to it’s shores. Exploitation of individuals not only by earlier arrived ethnic groups but also by “pizons” (ethnic kin) who arrived ahead of said individuals and were quickly corrupted by America’s callous reality. I could write to some lengthy extents as how my “immigration” to Thailand compares to the documented struggles of immigrants to America but I believe I’ll save that for a latter date. However… I imagine some may guess that I would state that my experiences thus far would appear as a flip side to the coin.

If history or the collestimony I speak of is any indicator of what the future holds, it is very likely that without a military move against the system, the United States will be utterly decimated via both domestic corruption and a coalition that at this very moment is a gathering storm bent on unleashing a most deserved hell upon America and it’s peoples. Yes this sounds insensitive but look what we Americans have allowed for in our names. Really take a close hard look at what being designated as the world’s consumer base by the global elite has cost others in this world. Look at what the United States as a servant, just like every other nation is of the elite, has wrought upon other peoples that simply expressed desire to socialize their resources in an effort to make them most beneficial to all within their community. How many dictators has the U.S installed? How many death squads has it trained and then unleashed around the world. Trained on the very American soil we speak of at places like the “School of the Americas” [LINK]?

In looking at the karma of the United State’s, one has to admit that it may well soon be shown what it was like to be in Dresden at the end of World War II and see firsthand what firestorms can do to human flesh. Experiences likely to be far greater than those experienced by the non-Christian civilian population in the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki may surely be in the cards for America and again, I must say deservedly.

Deservedly because rather than take action. Rather than imagine being the “other”, if only for a moment each and every day (as being a person of compassion requires), Americans would rather stuff their fat pie-holes with genetically modified, super-sized shit. Deservedly because rather than read some analysis of past conflicts they chose instead to worry about whose cock is currently in the mouth of Paris Hilton or Britney Spears. Deservedly because Americans allow for business as usual each and every passing day while crying “I’m just doing my job”. Deservedly because they selfishly worry only for themselves and their loved ones rather than humanity as a whole. Deservedly because they fell for the conditioning rhetoric while being raised to believe that one is not supposed to talk politics and religion. How opportune for a system bent on total domination and how pathetically brainless of we the people!

the Liberal-Left Excusatory Attempts on Behalf of the Populace:
Much comparison has been made between America under the Bush Administration and Germany Under Hitler and the Nazis. While there are chilling similarities, culturally and socially speaking, the comparison is actually quite unfair. Germany during this time period was far different than America is now. Germany for instance was attempting to recover from the devastation of World War I. The Versailles treaty placed diplomatic disabilities on Germany and reparations were a humiliating drain on the German budget as well as mental stability of German society. Add to this the break down of the world’s financial in the 30’s which hit Germany even harder than any of the allied victors. In essence, German culture was in many ways driven insane by a pervasive sense of defeat. Now America on the other had has no excuse. With steady offerings of truth, which are readably available (for now) via “alternative” media sources, many Americans seem intent on not utilizing the luxury granted to them and refuse to read anything outside the mainstream that would shatter the belief system. No… Americans are content in being part of a “me” society and continue along in their cog lives. Muddling about as if defeated and feeling hapless while believing they can do noting to affect change. For they are just one and what can “one” do to make a difference? No… They just see it as an easier choice to just go along and fit-in like a good citizen as best as possible. What ever happened to the concept of being “accepted” as a human being first and foremost rather than striving for the superficial goal of “fitting-in” is anyone’s guess.

These are the facts and this is all the inevitable future. The world can no longer wait and hope for a critical mass of Americans to rise and ––“permit” or no permit –– forcefully march against tyranny intent on removing it at any and all costs. Henceforth, as this appears to be quite improbable, as the elite have succeeded in the age-old tactic of “divide and conquer”, we should be mustering all resources to convert one of the most virile “divisions” to the side of good and away from it’s evil master.

To attain the one “force” that can springboard humanity off to a “fresh-start” is the hope of the many… the hope of the oppressed… the hope of the unjustly imprisoned… the hope of all children and the hope of each and every last human being who simply loves liberty and the ability to run their own lives while doing so in the least harmful way others around them.


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Individuality is not to be confused with the various ideas and concepts of Individualism; much less with that "rugged individualism" which is only a masked attempt to repress and defeat the individual and his individuality So-called Individualism is the social and economic laissez faire: the exploitation of the masses by the classes by means of legal trickery, spiritual debasement and systematic indoctrination of the servile spirit, which process is known as "education."
That corrupt and perverse "individualism" is the strait-jacket of individuality. It has converted life into a degrading race for externals, for possession, for social prestige and supremacy. Its highest wisdom is "the devil take the hindmost.
"This “rugged individualism” has inevitably resulted in the greatest modern slavery, the crassest class distinctions, driving millions to the breadline. “Rugged individualism” has meant all the “individualism” for the masters, while the people are regimented into a slave caste to serve a handful of self-seeking “supermen.” America is perhaps the best representative of this kind of individualism, in whose name political tyranny and social oppression are defended and held up as virtues; while every aspiration and attempt of man to gain freedom and social opportunity to live is denounced as “unAmerican” and evil in the name of that same individualism.
Excerpts from Emma Goldman’s piece:
“the Place of he Individual In Society”
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One way or another everything will change. The “Old ways” are over! They are outta business and EVERYTHING must go! What we build out of the ashes my Brothers & Sisters is completely up to us!

by: Eric Bochene
© 2004


the USA and America are two separate entities… Learn this… Realize what it means… Spread the word!!!
Eric Bochene