“I am ME… you are YOU… and then there’s everything else around us… so let’s continue”.

Granted, while the above statement may sound “cliché” and “New Agey”, it is something I came to deeply comprehend a long time ago. It is something I employ as a fundamental tool to navigate this thing called “the World” / “reality”.

Couple that with MY approach of: NOT caring in the slightest WHAT a given individual “thinks” or believes, but rather focusing on HOW & WHY they think and perhaps believe something. That dear reader, is pretty much what makes up my entire toolbox for “life”.

Essentially, what this means is that I do NOT care nor shall I tolerate YOU engaging ME with ANY form of collectivist dogmas or group think or group speech. YOU engage ME (a Living Man) as another Living Man or Woman or don’t engage me at all!

So with that out of the way I now have a question to ALL of YOU Men and Women out there that appear to be obsessed with Group-“Think”, and Collectivism or “Communitarianism” (see Lark in Texas for more) and seem desperate to cling to “teams”, “sides,” colors, flags, churches, “religious” icons, “parties”, movements, etc.?

Wait… I have another question!

As an individual living man or woman, or as an agent of a entity – be it a dead (corporate) or a supposed “organic / de jure” entity – what evidence (if any) do “YOU” have that YOUR (NOT “mine”) “constitution(s)” and all the subsequent “codes, statutes, acts, laws, bills, mandates, orders, guidelines, etc. apply to ME or any other Living Man or Woman based on a specific geographical location at any given time?

I’ll wait while NOT holding my breath for your “answer”. However, be advised that circular logic answers such as… “the law applies because the law says so”… are NOT acceptable in the Living Adult Reality and the ONLY truth YOU can admit to is that YOU and YOUR fictitious “entity” are literally advocating and operating a slave system.

So, I suggest YOU “man up” and be honest for once in YOUR “life” because YOU are a collectivist, post-human, toxic demon.

Are YOU seeing a pattern here? Are YOU seeing the message here? Do YOU realize that it is ALL just “CULT(ure)”? And, that YOUR CULT(ure) is NOT your friend? Rather, it is for the convenience of the “tax-collectors”, the self-appointed “ruling class”, the middle-man “priest”, “rabbi”, “imam”, monk… that has ZERO business pretending he or she can be between YOU and YOUR “creator” (whatever YOU may so choose to name it)?

Today’s UN-sane World / Reality

If it’s NOT self-evident to YOU that what is going on with all this drama and “reality” throughout the world is NOTHING like YOU are being told, then I don’t know what to say to YOU.

From MY perspective, YOU are already “gone”… and that’s actual “okay”.

If YOU are buying into ANYTHING that is trying to snare YOU into ANY form of collectivism and “sides”, MY intuition tells me that YOU are falling for a very dangerous and likely mortal trap.

“Mortal Trap”? Yes, I know, sociopaths in the death-cult religion of Transhumanism will laugh at me, sobeit!

Regardless of that, I am not saying mortality is a “bad” thing. It is an integral part of “life”. It is the Ying / Yang (阴阳). But it does seem the majority of the YOU so-called “Members of the Public” are behaving like YOU are not only in an extreme and perpetual state of fear of death but also, in a perpetual state of fear over getting a damn cold or flu!

NOTE re: above – do YOU have any evidence that “I” can NOT be “in the public” while at the same time NOT being a “member OF the public”? Because the last time I checked, I have every inherent, immutable and natural right to exist as such! Again, I’ll wait while NOT holding my breath.

the Team Recruiters

Where oh where do “I” begin? So many collectivists, CULT(ures), mobs, movements, ideologies and ALL “religions” to expose! So, “I” shall start with the “easy” one!

“Democrats” (blue) and “Republicans” (red):
This one is just too easy and only indicates one is a mental midget, if in 2021, one still even remotely be-LIE-ves in this fantasy of “parties” in “opposition”! Seriously?

“Lefties” (liberals) and “Righties” (conservatives):
Sorry, but fundamentally there is NO such thing! In reality / adult world, sane Living Men and Women possesses thoughts, values, perspectives and ideas that could fall into BOTH collectivism “camps”.

Yet, YOUR social engineers and word wizards hide that from “YOU” and confuse YOU into NOT recognizing that natural reality. The sociopathic trashy individuals that form the collective called “Social Engineers” don’t want YOU to know and comprehend the Hegelian Dialectic… but YOU should!

“The Righties” will sell YOU a U.S. flag to worship and gear like “Trump 2020” flags, muzzles, banners, stickers, pins etc. YOU will be enticed to engage in group chant rituals like “USA, USA, USA” and “Build that wall”. “YOU” will be sold gang-banger symbols like “the Thin Blue Line” or “Blue Lives Matters”. YOU will be sold hashtags to spread on the virus of “social media”.

“The Lefties” will sell YOU a BLM and / or anti-fa flag to worship. “I Can’t Breath Muzzles”, banners, stickers, pins etc. “YOU” will be enticed to engage in group chant rituals like “No Trump, no KKK no fascist USA” and “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot”. YOU too will be sold “hashtags” to spread as a “trendy” and “virtuous member of society”.

Fear Porners / “YouTubers” / Content Creators:
The sad reality is, “Fear Sells” and it is a major selling point that one is exposed to in the QUACKademic world via “Marketing 101”. Just refer to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

For this one, I shall completely skip over the traditional broadcast and cable networks as well as the traditional print / newspaper “media” because well… I feel like it! Rather I’ll stick the more modern incarnation of fear porn peddlers, called YouTubers or what have YOU.

These individuals and sometimes “organizations” generally encompass “political commentators”, “citizen journalists”, “alt. media”, “anarcho-libertarians”, “conspiracy theorists/FACTualists”, “1st Amendment Auditors”, “Cop Watchers”, “Pedo-Poachers” and a list of others.

One way or another and in one fashion or another, these individuals / organizations virtually ALL sell products and seek for YOU to “subscribe”, “hit the like button” and more recently “get behind a pay wall via their own website.

YES. I comprehend that essentially ALL men and women need to have an income stream in this 100% fraudulent “economic system”. I’m just pointing it out that when individuals make a “business” out of such things, one must maintain a “brand image” and audience. So speaking openly and directly and truthfully can often hurt said business/brand and cause the loss of one’s core audience. And that usually results in a loss of revenue.

MY Objective Views / Examples:

Brian Young of: “High Impact Flix”
semi-“Anarchist”, Fear Porn, Doom and Gloom, Political / News Commentator. Sells sponsored goods and services. Appears to be about “extreme individuality”, yet often utters the terms “WE” and “grass roots” concepts. Is VERY “protective” of his channel and thus self-censors his speech.

Brendon O’Connell
semi-Fear Porn, Doom and Gloom, Conspiracy FACTualist, Deep Researcher… “it’s all the Jews”.

Cory Daniel of: “the Phoenix Enigma”
“Libertarian”, “patriot”, “conservative. Fear Porn, Doom and Gloom, Political / News Commentator.

Tim Pool of: “Tim Casts”
Political / News Commentator, “anti-conspracy FACT, “centrist”. Generates a LOT of revenue via YouTube. Be-LIE-ves and advocates the religion of Scientism, vaccines, helio-centrism, etc. sells “WE”!

Will Johnson of: “Unite America First”
“Patriot”, “semi-Q”, Political / News Commentator, “anti-conspracy FACT, “backs the blue”, loves his soldier boys, sells “WE”!

Curtis Ingram of “Vegan Warrior”
“Patriot”, pro-USA, pro-Trump, former cop and military, Flat Earth, Financial freedom. Sells “investment opportunities”. Sells “WE”!

James True
Guru type guy with a relatively “large” cult / New Agey type following.

Jason Goodman of: “Crowd Source the Truth”
Political / News Commentator, pseudo-“conspiracy”-based, semi-Q, Trump supporter, “conservative” New York Jew, covers “spy craft” history. Sells “WE”!

Dave of: “X22 Report”
Sells looney Q-tard shit and like most Q-tards, just keeps moving the goal posts as NOTHING EVER HAPPENS. Sells prepper and “investment” crap. Sells “WE” / “patriots”!

Mike Adams of: “the Health Ranger”
Sells looney Q-tard shit and like most Q-tards, just keeps moving the goal posts as NOTHING EVER HAPPENS. Sells prepper and “investment” crap. Sells “WE” / “patriots”!

the Q-aNONsense Cult
MASSIVE one here! Not only has this fantasy team been peddled by those in the “counter” / “conspiracy” CULT(ure) but even the so-called “MSM” began peddling this CULT(ure) during the lead up to the death-CULT ritual of the 2020 sElection. Erggh…. I mean “election”!

The Q-aNONsense Cult will sell YOU collectivist terms like “Trump and the Patriots”. Terms like “White Hats”.

While I ask… what defines a “patriot” exactly? Who are YOU to define who and/or what makes one a “patriot”? Are YOUR so-called “Patriots” some sort of One-Dimensional monolith, ALL possessing a hive-mind? Hmmm…?

The Q-aNONsense Cult also love to sell YOU a narrative that somehow “the military” is 100% comprised of “heroic”, “noble” and “righteous” individuals. That they stand in unison for “we the people”.

Yet, there again, I have to ask: WHO exactly is this ‘WE’ and what evidence do you have that I am a member of this “we” ‘YOU’ speak of”?

I was briefly in the USMC after “making it through” bootcamp in Parris Island, NC. I do NOT appreciate the “Thank You for Your Service” shite, because I VERY quickly became aware of Major General Smedley Butler (1881 – 1940).

Butler was, at the time of his death, the most decorated Marine in U.S. history. In 1935, Butler wrote a book titled War is a Racket”. It’s a book I challenge all YOU men in uniform cult worshipers and Q-aNONsense Cult to address. Will “YOU”?


In Closing…

I – and perhaps YOU – comprehend the concept of… “Choose Your Battles Wisely”.

Therefor, I, hereby attest, that WHENEVER, WHEREVER and to the best of MY ability, I shall NOT consent, nor will I be compliant, complaisant or complicit in YOUR collectivism disease.

Rather, I, will rely upon MY innate and naturally given intuition (gut) and instinct. And in that, YOU are perfectly free to call me an “animal”, for if that is the perspective you have been indoctrinated through YOUR CULT-ure to take, then all I can say is that the “animal” is superior to what YOU are calling “human”.

I am speaking to YOU (and me) Doctor, Nurse, teacher, po-LIE-tician, Lawyer, Truck Driver, Insurance Agent, Cop, Soldier, Cashier, Celebrity….

I – the individual LIVING man – demand to speak with whomever and/or whatever is holding the keys to this UN-sane asylum and less thou hast a fully VALID contract that demonstrates I ever consented to ANY of this, I demand immediate release from this FAKE reality of “we’s” vs. “they’s”.

Hello? “G(g)od”? Is that you” Are you there?