Strange flip-flopping, info. / DIS-info. seems to be emanating from Mike Adams [<< “about” page] of the health Ranger these days.

To begin with, Mike has been at times “VERY anti-Q”… and then at times… VERY to semi “pro-Q”… but in a very calculative manner… if that makes “sense”.

Example: on 16 Jan. 2021 Mike posted this very “doom n’ gloom” and very “anti-Q” material entitled:
“Situation Update, Jan. 16th, 2021 – Psyop Revealed, DC prepares for large-scale WAR”.

Then in extreme contrast, on 18 January 2021, Mike posted this very “semi-pro-Q” material entitled:
“Situation Update, Jan. 18, 2021 – Game-Changing Intel Grants Trump New Pathways to VICTORY”.

Now bear in mind, Mike has a very heavy and long-standing connection with the motley crew over at Alex Jones’ Info Wars… and you are free to take that as you wish.

Personally, I’ve been following Alex Jones since the mid-90’s and have watched him transform himself from what could be called an “extreme libertarian” / “constitutionalist” into a flag-worshiping, pro-“patriotism”, political system advocate with the emergence of Donal Trump – and that is something I personally dislike.