The purpose of this essay is not to theorize about what happened on September 11th, 2001. But rather, to simply establish that the Unites States Government has never told the truth about the events of that day, or about much of anything.

The process of an American discovering the truth is often painful and begins by realizing the lies we are constantly fed. Doubt creeps in before we are aware of it.

In the days following the blasts that destroyed the World Trade Center telephone communications were disrupted in Manhattan. By the time I was able to speak with my sister in Boston a day or two had passed. Even at that time I mentioned to her that the facts as I had observed them were not being reported on television. Specifically the blasts that directly preceded the fall of the towers were never mentioned. These blasts were strong enough that I FELT the shock-wave pass through me at about a 1 mile distance from ground zero. But I still had no idea how deep the lies went.

Later, the summer of 2002 I read a book that accelerated my personal inquiry. “Day of Deceit: the Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor” by Robert Stinnett; ISBN 0-684-85339-6. This book goes into amazing detail concerning the lies that have been enshrined as part of American history. Its shows that our government is very willing to sacrifice a few thousand American lives to achieve it’s political ends. This book highlights that a US education is really just indoctrination.

For those not familiar here are some of the FACTS established by R. Stinnett. The US military had fully deciphered Japanese diplomatic and military communications since, at least, August 21, 1941. The Japanese fleet was tracked by US military command from the time it left port through it’s arrival at Pearl Harbor. FDR personally endorsed an 8 point plan that left the Japanese no alternative to attacking. The commanders at Pearl Harbor were prevented, at the eleventh hour, from conducting exercises that would have revealed the impending attack. The government of the United States and it’s military then proceeded to lie to the American public, and the world, for 50 years.

So this made me curious. What about the events that I had witnessed? What about September 11th? It doesn’t take much effort really, to begin to see the lies. The official US Government version of what happened on September 11th, 2001 could only be believed by Americans who have been fed nothing but un-truths from birth. Most of the world has been more aware of reality for some time.

To begin, here is what the administration of that vile & disgusting George Bush Jr. intends Americans to believe. 19 Mid-Eastern men of Arab descent coordinated 4 separate highjackings of domestic airliners on that morning, using box-cutters for weapons. 2 airplanes were successfully flown into the Twin Towers causing them to fall. On September 16th Dick Cheney lied on TV and said that no intercept jets were scrambled because that would have required presidential approval. Once the damage was done the identities of the hijackers were immediately known. The reason for the attacks given was that they hated us because of our freedom.

So, on to why the official story is blatantly false.

  • To begin with, some of the alleged suicide bombers have turned up alive. They can’t be suicide bombers if they’re still alive can they?
  • Another difficult point is the precision maneuvers of the airliners. Every honest pilot who has looked at the flight path says that whoever was flying those airplanes had to be a top notch aviator. This expertise cannot be the result of practicing on crop dusters and a few hours in a simulator.
  • The lack of military intercept jets has yet to be explained. For well over one hour 4 domestic US airliners were known to be hijacked within range of 33 USAF bases. Never before, or since, have NORAD’s standing orders been ignored. These three points alone should show that the US government is not telling the truth. There are, of course, plenty more problems with the Bush-Cheney Junta’s childish fairy tales. Many brave writers have already expounded on these, so I will merely link to them now. – the Real Story – Behind the Lies

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“Debunking Paranoid Fantasies”

In closing I wish to say that I don’t want the reader to merely believe what I have written. In fact I want the reader to discard “belief”. I want every reader, especially every American reader, to take up their own investigation, to become curious and ask questions. I further recommend that newly awakened Americans BOYCOTT TV NEWS until they are comfortable in their “new” reality.

– – The Truth Will Make You Fearless – –
YOUR “CULT-ure” is ALL Based on Lies