by: Jonathon V / July 3rd, 2003

Why are most Americans unwilling to question the US Government’s shabby cover story for Sept. 11th? The short answer: because denial of the truth is easier than confrontation.

In the Culture of Mass Denial crafted by the US Government the sleepers, or sheep, will sometimes lash out violently when presented with facts that contradict their carefully preserved worldview (1). In a one-to-one situation confrontation is ill advised. You must carefully asses whether or not the subject is willing to question what they’ve been taught. Listening is important. Round about conversation is the first step. Sound like the Matrix yet?

It is helpful to view most Americans as experiencing strong Cognitive Dissonance (2) when confronted with truthful information about Sept. 11th. This effect is counted upon by the liars. For this reason, we (those who can acknowledge the truth) must learn how to reduce the dissonance and pave the way for the sleepers personal road to discovery. You can lead a horse to water…

It is to be expected that an American’s first response to contemplating the US Government attacking it’s civilian population will be simple denial. That was my first response in the fall of 2001. However, I believe in self education and that is what rescued me. There are a couple of factors that continue to perpetuate the US’s Culture of Mass Denial. First the educational system that reinforces myths concerning Pearl Harbor(3), Vietnam(4), even the Spanish-American War(5) in 1898. Also the mass media, even the so-called liberal media, of North America is directly implicated in denying, ignoring and obscuring the awful truth on a daily basis. These points are obvious to some one who’s done their homework, but realize that they will be revelations for an awakened sleeper.

I have found established facts about Pearl Harbor to be very helpful in getting Americans to question. This is partly because every citizen has heard about it. Also because it is a perfect example of the US Government, at the highest levels, sacrificing American lives to achieve a political end. In fact, Robert Stinnett’s brilliant book(3) on that topic is what started my questioning phase.

Currently the transparent lies about “WMDs” are starting to make a whole new set of American society ask, “What’s happened to our government?” The WMD crisis should be seen as the most current opportunity to start conversations about the behavior of the US Government. Last month it was the “suicide bombers” turning out to be alive(6). There are many topics that show the true nature of the US Security State(7), pick your favorite one and start some idle conversations. But, please mention that the events of September 11th, 2001 should be honestly and openly investigated.

Be aware, it is beyond the grasp of an American living in denial to directly confront the terrible truth about who bombed our beloved city. Encourage a study of history as a prelude to the present. Smash the lies and the truth will be apparent

“If you tell a lie, tell a big one” Goebbells, Minister of Propaganda, Nazi Party

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  Note: Links 3, 4 & 5 do not repeat the myths, rather they are links to truthful accounts.
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