Seeing as the Chinese games will most likely be an EPIC failure and the CCP terrified of a jig – that is most surely up – I guess there might be some motivation in working with Russia, Israel and the Terroristic U.S. “government” to keep the Covid variants coming.

The CCP – the Globalist’s poster boy / model – has zero capacity to keep off the coming economic collapse and chaos it will most surely suffer at the hands of their creators. It has multiple vested interests in keeping the Covid assembly line coming.

A Terroristic base camp – Fort Dietrich Maryland – is under constant international supervision as are the Russian labs. The CCP labs have little supervision and the Israeli bio warfare labs have ZERO supervision as does their nuke program.

As the grip tightens on Israeli state shenanigans, expect this to intensify over 2022. Seeing as there’s a lot to lose for the wannabe global tyrants around the world, where there plans to “backoff”?

Who knows? But clearly, someone / something has put the pressure back on. The CCP? Seems most likely, but they have American billionaires like Jeff Bezos offering them toys to play and be nice? Who is feeling left out in the cold?

We must consider the ‘spoilt brat’ as having THE most to lose right now. Its all coming out. Everything. 2022 is a year of years.