My friend and a great woman that’s a part of my worldwide network – Christianne van Wijk (ickonic producer and film-maker) – has reported that just like the filthy U.S. government agents did on January 6th in Washington D.C. and just like we have them documented as doing the world over for a long, long time… Low-Life Cops with trash for parents, supposes and offspring, are dressing up as civilians to cause riots, on purpose!!!


Amsterdam, Holland – New Year’s Rally: Riot Police Flee Facing Army Vetrans & Tens Of Thousands In Support

Christianne Van Wijk – Ickonic Media

Museum Square, Amsterdam, Holland:

“A demnstration has been organised because we’ve once again gone into lockdown.

The Dutch riot police is one of the reasons why the Dutch people haven’t gone to demonstrations en masse; because they are very violent.

They said they are on strike today. As a result of which they said there are not allowed to be demonstrations today because they don’t have the riot squad available.

People have said they are coming anyway.

I have been told by a trusted source that the riot squad – supposedly being on strike today – are going to dress up as civilians and cause riots, on purpose.”


Christianne van Wijk, Ickonic -

“The police are basically asking [demonstrators] to stop playing music and singing.

They have blocked us in now. We’re blocked in…

Here they come…

They’re trying to beat people up…

They’re starting to hit people that aren’t even doing anything…

It looks like out of the blue, they’re withdrawing (those in the vehicles)… This is very interesting…

There’s the water cannon…

So there’s a growing number of war veterans and ex-soldiers that are uniting together against the measures…”



Christian Terhes -


Christian Terhes:

“This is a good sign. And we will see in this coming year more and more MEPs joining this fight. Becuase this is not only our fight, this is your fight. And the fact that today thousands and thousands of people came out just in this way to fight for freedom – to fight for liberty – you know this is a good sign.

For the elected officials here in the Netherlands, they have to understand that they were elected by The People For The People …not for themselves.

So they have to fight for all these people. These brave people.

So I’m glad to be here today. And I’m glad for all these people that came out and protested today. This is a great sign for democracy Europe and we’ll keep the fight going.”