EXPLOSIVE VIDEO: Just more evidence exposing the FACT that the Capitol Police / the “government”, FBI, etc. were the ones staging the events of January 6th.

THIS WILL BE USED IN COURT says “Dream Team” of “Lawyers” (aka BAR agents and foreign agents) which include the likes of AGENT/ACTORS Alan Dershowitz.


New edited video has emerged of police officers allowing protesters into the Upper West Terrace Doors of the United States Capitol on January 6th, 2021.

A trusted source exclusively released the video below to the Gateway Pundit. Tightly edited with markers and commentary narration, it is meant to be presented in court to defend Brady Knowlton and Patrick Montgomery. Both men are facing felony charges for “Obstruction of an Official Proceeding” on January 6th.

This new video will indisputably exonerate Brady Knowlton, Patrick Montgomery and all the rally-goers seen entering these doors by any reasonable jury or fair judge.

This video was originally obtained from the United States Department of Justice after media organizations joined a motion to have it released. It has gone largely under the radar until it was put into context by our source, who carefully edited the video so the average viewer can understand what is going on.

“This video is very convincing, very persuasive,” said Knowlton’s famous attorney Alan Dershowitz (one of the attorneys in the J6 “Dream Team” Knowlton has assembled) in an interview with The Gateway Pundit. “In the very least the video shows that a reasonable person could believe that he or she was not being stopped or prevented from going in. At the most it shows that the police were welcoming him in.”

Dershowitz continued: “I think that all Americans should see that videotape. I think it is going to help in the court of public opinion as well.” “There is a Supreme Court decision, there are a few cases which say that if a defendant relied on what the police told them to do,” said Dershowitz. “Look, I will give you a common example. The light is red, but the traffic officer waves you through. Obviously the traffic officer trumps the lights and there are many circumstance throughout the country that when police say you can do something even if the law says you can’t, you can’t be prosecuted if you do it.”

In the video, we see the same scene from two different side-by-side vantage points of the interior house cameras of the US Capitol. Both cameras were facing the same door on the Upper West Terrace from opposite directions. The identical time codes in the videos can be seen in the upper left corners.

Police Officers stand silent and idly by as men and women enter the Capitol on January 6th.


The video shows police behaving like museum staff security guards (which is EXACTLY what I told the FBI criminals and reported to friends and family) as they stand or walk idly by as unknowing men and women walk through a small set of Capitol doors carrying American flags and Trump signs. Many are innocently occupied by taking selfie videos of themselves and the crowd, apparently excited to be inside the People’s House and wanting to commemorate the occasion. They are clearly oblivious to the fact they were doing anything “illegal”, or they surely would have turned their cameras off and hid from video recording. They had no idea of the political persecution, shame and the witch hunters that will come for them later.

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: i love how media hacks – BOTH (faux) “Left” & “Right” as well as unclean hands (“filthy”) BAR agents don;t share truths that there is a HUGE difference between “Lawful” vs. “Legal”!!! “Get an Attorney”… right?!?!?!?


Knowlton seen leaving The Capitol on January 6th.


“The Capitol is the People’s House – it is normally open,” said Harvard law professor Ronald Sullivan, Jr. “Unless you are an insider you would have no way of knowing which doors are public access and which doors are not. Hundred of thousands of people, if not millions, every year go in and out of The Capitol so there is nothing on its face odd about that.”

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: “the Government’s” primary statement of facts regarding Jan. 6th states: “On Jan. 6th the Capitol Building was closed to Members of the Public”. Oh really? what evidence (IF ANY) does the “Unclean Hands” Prosecutor have that “i”, a living man, am a “Member of the Public”? And is it NOT a FACT that “i” as a Living-Man can be “in the public” while NOT being a “Member of the Public”? Does the Government / Prosecutor NOT know of a thing called a “Private-Public Trust” and how that works exactly?

You can see the enthusiasm in people’s body language as police allow them to enter. What looks like a teenage boy (in all probability one of the numerous ACTORS that was bused in for the government/FBI/Army intelligence staged event) in glasses throws his hands up in happy excitement as he comes in the doors in the video.’

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