By operating in your Private Capacity — Reserving Your Rights (“All Rights Reserved”) — and NOT consenting to contract with a Police Officer / Government Official, you do NOT need to produce a state issued license, registration or insurance papers. Private people are NOT required to have those things to operate their private property on the public roads while exercising their inalienable right to travel freely and unmolested.

If a member of Law Enforcement claims the contrary, and sends you off to court with a ticket, communicate with the Prosecutor and inform them of the mistake made by the officer. Require and even demand his help in correcting the error. However, the likelihood will be, that he will dishonor your private process.

So, file notices into the court record as to your reservation of rights, special appearance, use of a court reporter and/or electronic recording devices and challenge to jurisdiction – as well as an affidavit documenting the complete record of communication with the prosecutor.

“Plea” day, as they call it will come – you should again, “Reserve All (your) Rights” and serve notice to the court verbally of your “Special Appearance” and make it clear it is NOT a “General Appearance”. Present yourself to speak with the judge directly and DO NOT enter a plea because they HAVE NO CHARGES before the court (literally no charges listed on the charging instrument).

You see, they CAN NOT assign charges until they have jurisdiction because ONLY YOU CAN GIVE IT it to them.

Typically, the Magistrate / judge, the scam-artist he is, will try to enter a plea for YOU of “not guilty”. Herein… you should object and ask for his “written authority” — signed by you — authorizing him to administrate for “i”, or YOUR property. He will likely ignore you and order you to step away. Because, you just ruined their entire scam.

At this time, you’ll likely be able to depart the court. Just ensure you get the transcript in the works from the stenographer. Then send the magistrate a Writ of Quo Warranto – which is a common law remedy by which the people can hold their public officials accountable for their over-reach of authority.

They’ll likely dishonor that at least a few times. So also present the prosecutor with an invoice for your time if he forces you to be at court to deal with this issue again – FYI: he might tacitly agree to in your private presentments.

Presuming he accepts it, send him the document via Certified Mail and also file a claim in the Circuit Court (common law, court of record) against the prosecutor and magistrate for trespass against one of the people, challenging the jurisdiction.

Follow up with the prosecutor and magistrate on their breach of fiduciary duty, and ethics violations. Put a copy of the file stamped claim from Circuit Court into the Municipal court record and then enjoy seeing them when they realize that they can’t do anything and when they find out that you’ve noticed the mayor and city council about their naughty behavior and potential liability for the city in their “Official Capacity” and/or the “Personal Capacity”.