HOW did they convince YOU “HUE-mans (aka “monsters”) to:

    • social-distance
    • “mask-up”
    • have NO funerals
    • Homeschool while still taxing us for public education
    • stay in our homes
    • stop going to church
    • forfeit incomes and personal businesses
    • turn on our friends and neighbors with a phone number
    • hug our grandparents through plastic
    • thoroughly have us on the verge of civil war with each other.


All to turn around and tell YOU that MOST of it is nixed and COMPLETELY NEGATED, if YOU want to:

    • protest
    • riot
    • loot businesses (many already on the brink of bankruptcy)
    • deface national monuments
    • destroy cities
    • set everything on fire


…and all the while, YOU are allegedly at tremendous risk of an oh-so-deadly virus that can be diagnosed without official testing, or with so-called testing being counted & reported dishonestly, and reported on death certificates even if YOU die by falling off a cliff… and even though it’s super “dangerous”, the things that actually keep YOU healthy, like:

    • vitamin stores
    • farmers markets
    • garden nurseries/seeds
    • gyms
    • beaches
    • chiropractic centers
    • naturopathic health centers
    • outdoor activities and parks are taken away.



    • cigarettes/alcohol
    • fast food joints
    • Walmarts
    • were deemed “essential”…


And now YOUR children are being forced to go back to schools that will feel like the prison result of a war zone, with a (guaranteed, just wait for it) mandated, un(properly) tested vaccine pushed by yours-truly, BILLionaire Gates – that’s already shown severe reactions in so-called “testers”. (One strong man fainted and nearly cracked his head open, caught by his girlfriend) So, derp-derp-derp… ‘Merica… is now officially seen as the “Land of the FEE & Home of the SLAVE”… which it always has been! Global totalitarianism over a so-called virus that’s becoming more & more questionable to more & more people. WHAT WORLD ARE WE LIVING IN, AND HOW COME SO MANY ARE COMPLYING? THINK ABOUT IT. DON’T THINK HARD. IT’S RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.