Holding [always], NO ill will or malintent to ANY man, woman, PERSON, PERSONS, AGENT, AGENCY, GOVERNMENT, BODY of GOVERNMENT, POLITICAL PARTY, on the 05th and 06th of January 2021, in Washington D.C., I acted and performed in my Private Capacity, as an “Independent Journalist” and “Recorder” of an Historical Event of Mankind.
[#7 of “AoF”]

I, Eric-Bochene, a man, have first-hand knowledge of the facts in this “case” and the info set forth in the “Plaintiff’s” (Accuser) “Statement of Facts” (exhibit #1). And I state for the record, and as fact, that it is not only missing context, but it contains FALSE, inaccurate, misleading and Heresay Material.
[#3 of “AoF”]

It is an undisputed fact that on the 5th of January 2021, I, Eric-Bochene, a man, traveled alone, in my Private Capacity, in my private automobile from New Hartford, New York to Washington D.C.
[#6 of “AoF”]

On the “Dates of Matter”, in Washington D.C., I exercised God-given, Unalienable, Inherent Rights of: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press.
[#8 of ““AoF”]

I am NOT aVoter” or a “Registered Voter”. I have NOT voted in decades and DID NOT vote in the 2019 election. I have NO political allegiance to ANY “Candidate” or “Political Party” and have NO interest in such matters. Therefore, I was not motivated nor, had ANY intent to “impede” or, “disrupt” anything.
[#9 of “AoF”]

The above FACTS are taken from my ``AoF`` (Affidavit of Facts) and can be viewed via this link. This ``AoF`` shall be entered into the court and placed on the record as outlined for all “courts of record”.
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What I witnessed on the 6th of January 2021
(and Which Was Voluntarily Given by Me to the “FBI”)

* * * *

On the outside of the Capitol Building and on the date of the 6th of January 2021, I identified and observed numerous Agent Provocateurs. Either they were: FBI Agents, FBI Informants, Undercover Police, Military Special-Ops or simply “Professional Actors”. Most likely and to my knowledge, they consisted of a combination of the aforementioned “Usual Suspects”.

How do Iknow” they were Agent Provocateurs and, are Agent Provocateurs” aREAL thing“? Because throughout my life, and unlike the vast majority of the controlled masses, I’ve taken it upon myself to research some REAL and HIDDEN history as well as examine “Source Documents“.

Also, I’ve seen it over decades and across the country at events of covered such as “Occupy Wall Street”, G7 protests, anti-war protests, etc.. etc.

For example, take this one from “the Library of CongressLINK. Or, if you prefer to do some basic reading via the “establishment’s bible”, I reference you to WikiPedia’s entry on the subject matter: LINK.

WikiPedia’s own article states:

“While the practice is worldwide… police targets included union activists… an Agent Provocateur may be a police officer or a secret agent of police… political organizations or governments may use Agent Provocateurs against political opponents… Agent Provocateur activities raise ethical and legal issues… in common law jurisdictions, the legal concept of entrapment may apply if the main impetus for the crime was the provocateur”.

So be my guest and cry… “Conspiracy Nut”!

Regardless, the FACT remains that it is a Conspiracy REALITY” and unfortunate for the tyrannically-minded… well documented!

That said, I shall continue on now with what I witnessed and observed on the outside of the Capitol Building, and here it should be noted that, I believed I wasLive-streaming“. However, I learned sometime later that I was not because apparently, either there were jamming devices being employed or, the area’s bandwidth simply could not handle the sheer numbers of devices in the area at the time. Likely, it was some sort of combination of the two.

Now one of the first things I noticed, was that the CS gas (tear gas) being deployed by the so-called “Capitol Police” waswatered-down” or diluted. I can say this because as someone who was briefly in the U.S. Marine Corps and went through boot camp on Parris Island, what I experienced on this day, shied in comparison. Perhaps, one could call it “Theatrical CS gas”.

Next, I observed a few individuals in the crowed claiming…

they hit me with a rubber bullet in the eye.

When I looked closer at them, it was 100% apparent that the “blood” around their eyes was nothing more thanStage Blood“. And “yes”, I know some “doubters / haters” will say… “how do you know that… are you some sorta expert”. Well one, I, Eric Bochene, a man, do NOT subscribe to the dogma ofexpertsin ANYTHING. However, I will state for the record that through much of my adult life, I have in fact worked on film, TV and photo studio sets and have a working knowledge of what stage blood is and looks like.

At this time, I now began to grasp (to a degree) what was going on and what I was witnessing and observing. So, I began to focus my attention on these Agent Provocateurs and I followed them as they began to move closer to the Capitol Building’s steps and doors. It was NOT long until I witnessed them, along with members of the Capitol Police, begin to “break-down” and remove the “temporary barriers”.

Now add to this the FACT that NOT ONLY were the “Capitol Police” involved in removing said “barriers” but they also motioned / waived-in men, women and PERSONS closer into the building. This is evidenced by a mountain of eyewitnesses and video evidence.

such as this…

Now with the barriers removed by the Capitol Police and Agent ProvocateursI was able continue following and observing them all the way up to the doors of the building. There, I now witnessed a number of them engage in breaking windows and doors.

Add to this…

With a mass of people behind me, and upon reaching the doors on the West Side of the Capitol Building, I witnessed members of the “Capitol Policewaiving / ushering men, women, and PERSONS into the Building.
[#14 of “AoF”]

At this time, I accepted the Capitol Police’sOFFERto enter. I peacefully walked through the doors of the West Side and never, at any time, used violent force or to enter.
[#15 of “AoF”]

While walking through the hallways, I always maintained a peaceful manner and respectfully followed the instructions given by the “Capitol Police”.
[#16 of “AoF”]

On a stairwell landing, I observed a woman spray a [masked] man in a suit with a fire extinguisher. I moved on peacefully and calmly.

In a hallway, I soon observed, and captured on video, what was to me, a “strange situation” involving: several “Capitol Police”, approximately half a dozenPhotojournalists(MOST of which bore NO Identification or “Press Pass”), and severalBoisterous Protesters”.
[#17 of “AoF”]

YES… I indeed did capture the preplanned photo-op with the “Q Shaman” – PAID ACTOR!

Here it all is:

After a few minutes of observing and recording this – ALWAYS from thesidelinesas I was NOT associated with, nor part of theBoisterous Protesters” – and while still recording, I approached and had a calm, mutually respectful conversation with some members of the “Capitol Police”.
[#18 of “AoF”]

Upon conclusion of the conversation with the “Capitol Police”, I asked; “where and how I could exit the building”. They respectfully gave me clear instructions and I then proceeded to exit the building through the north end with NO objection, resistance, protest, or hesitancy.
[#19 of “AoF”]

Upon exiting, I proceeded to my private automobile and began to travel back to my Private Property in New Hartford New York. [#20 of “AoF”]

the Ensuing Narrative from the “HATE-stream” / Corporate Media’s Impact On Me, My Friends, and Family:

Many folks use the term “Fake News”, However I use the term, “HATE-stream“, as ALL the legacy, corporate media does is sew division, fear and hate.

That said, the “HATE-stream Media‘s” narrative being spun NOT even a full day after the events of January 6th put me at a loss as to what to do with my video evidence and what I witnessed. Should I have immediately called up the FBI (known, documented, liars and criminals) and offered up what I had? Or, should I just stay off the radar as I was just there as a man, to be an “Independent Journalist” and “Recorderof an Historical Event for Mankind?

Almost immediately, friends and family – including my dear Mother – expressed for for me being slandered as some “Crazy, Racist, Homophobic, Trump / MAGA supporter” which in FACT, I was and am NOT.

Couple this with the reality that I have NOT seen my Wife & Daughter since July of 2019 thanks to theCOVIDfraud as they’re back at our home in Shanghai, China (上海, 中国).

Yes, “China”! So much for me being a “hater” of the “ChiComms” like a lot of Trump sycophants are!

In hindsight, I guess I made a poor choice as opposed to the perhaps the “wiser” Bobby Powell, who immediately began calling up the FBI. I chose to stay quiet.

the 10th of March 2021:

“Talk With the (corrupt) FBI”

On the 10th of March – over eight weeks afterthe Event” – two men, Gerald DeRuby (New York State Police) and (Investigator) Risanavich (with the Utica Police Department) – who are allegedly assigned to the FBI’s “Joint Terrorism Task Force” out of Albany, NY, walked uninvited onto MY Private Property.

Actually, they walked onto my property after parking their unmarked, black with tinted windowed vehicle on the side of the road. They walked straight up my driveway and up to my open garage door – where I met them face to face. And, feeling quite a bit at Dis-ease with this, I asked them how I could help them. They proceeded to say…

“they were with the FBI and wanted to talk to me about the events I witnessed on January 6th at the Capitol”.

Now I was put further into a state of Dis-Ease, as all I could think wasthese guys were about to kidnap me by Force of Arms and haul me down to Washington D.C. to become the next Political Prisoner being tortured, in solitary confinement and cut off from friends, family and the world in general. So, I proceeded UNDER DURESS to invite them in to my home to talk.

Now a part of me was thinking that just possibly, these two agents actually wanted my firsthand knowledge of the event and were interested in my account and the evidence I recorded. Maybe that was wishful thinking. I don’t know and cannot say for certain what my “feelings” were as they were a mixed bag.

Either way, I told them everything and showed them the videos I recorded. Because, personally I wanted and still want TRUTH TO BE TOLD! I told them what my intent and purpose was in going. Told them I went alone and NOT with any “group” or “movement”. I told them I was just there as an Independent Journalist and a Recorder of an Historical Event.

the 13th of May 2021:

“Arrest by the FBI”

Being that the incessantHATE-stream” media’s distortions and bald-faced-lies – not to mention threats – were literally never ceasing. And, seeing as I never heard anything “positive” back from Gerald DeRuby, I was by now, hopeless that the FBI wanted to utilize my video and eyewitness account to attain any semblance of truth.

However, a few days prior to the 13th of May, I did receive a call from DeRuby stating that…

“…he had spoken with his superiors in D.C., and they wanted me to “come in” to discuss things further”.

It was blatant that DeRuby was NOT being a forthcoming, honest man acting in honor. So, I attempted to respectively convey to him… “that at this point, I had no interest to communicate (contract) with him and/or his agency, and I wanted him and his agency to Cease & Desist any and all communications with me”.

Apparently, that message was NOT received, because on the 13th of May, he and two other agents showed up uninvited and trespassed upon not only my Private Property without Lawful, Probable Cause, but Trespassed upon me, as a Living man with inherent and Unalienable Rights gifted to me by my Creator / God.

After I was removed from my property byForce of Arms“, a contingent of more than a dozen agents “swarmed” my property with weapons drawn in order to execute a “Search and Seizure Warrant” which essentially was just a theft of my property. And, this little event also served the purpose of putting on a show for the neighbors and filthy and criminal local media trash, which a massive case for “Defamation of Character” and “Libel”…. NOT to mention a mountain of other Trespasses and Crimes against me and my property.

The FACTS are: I am the ONLY one who has been damaged and trespassed upon in this whole Criminal Fraud.

the 18th of May 2021:

“Entrapment Attempt by the FBI”

I know you filthy, leftist, trash and, agents out there will call this “just a coincidence”. But sorry to inform you that my intellectual capacity and moral compass is far greater than yours so…. 

Just a few days after I was arrested and processed – ALL via Unlawful Zoom I might add – and while I was driving my 18-wheeler through congested traffic in the NYC metro area, I received a call from an unknown NYC area number. I sent it to voicemail and played it shortly after.

This is what I received:

Needless to say, receiving a message such as this, with the a criminal topic such as solicitation of gun violence if not “Murder For Hire“, I was immediately put in a stressful situation which endangered not only my life, but the lives of many others on the road. As again, I was driving a Tractor Trailer in the NYC Metro area.

I immediately called 911 to report it and, “imagine my lack of surprise”, I received ZERO response back.

On the 22nd of May 2021, I reported the “incident” to my local, town police in New Hartford, New York. Patrolman Barton Paczkonski and Sergeant Matthew Sica responded and took my statement and a forward of the voicemail file.

AGAIN… ZERO response or update back.

So, I did a FOIA request from the local police and discovered massive conspiracy, criminality and fraud… all in black and white! See it below in .pdf format.

This PDF shows in Black & White so many crimes and violations of my Rights it is not even funny.
view PDF

Seeing as I was denied a proper investigation (all laid out in black & white) to an allegedly “unrelated” situation and a solicitation for murder for hire / gun violence I had no choice but to proceed with a Notice of Claim (“NoC”), coupled with my Affidavit of Facts (“AoF”), Affidavit of Status (“AoS”) served to ALL parties.


This PDF shows in Black & White so many crimes and violations of my Rights it is not even funny.
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So, doing my own due diligence, I’ve added this discovery and evidence of who / what “Gary” is.

Gary the “voicemailer”