On his show, Dan Bongino – or “Bon-FAG-ino” as I like to call him – launched a series of emotional attacks against Torba for criticizing Rumble on their “great day,” calling him a “joker,” a “fraud,” and a “clown.” In a post on Facebook, Bongino added that Torba’s criticisms was a “childish temper-tantrum”…



Andrew Torba continued with a short post which reads…

I wholeheartedly support the free market and competition. I believe that more platforms supporting free speech and not having any “hate speech” policies is a good thing for the free flow of information online. That being said, when a platform claims to be something that they are not I think it’s important to call it out so that The People are not misled.

I have regularly expressed support for competing platforms that stand up and fight for free speech, Bitchute and Odysee are among them. I think these guys are doing great work and I’ve spoken with the CEO’s of both platforms. Like Gab, these platforms have been severely punished by the mainstream media, activist organizations, and Big Tech platforms for their stances on free speech. That’s how you know they are the real deal.

When Parler came along and was being shilled by Establishment “conservatives” I warned against falling for the bait and switch. I was right then, and I’m right now. It’s not about competition for me. It’s about principle. If you’re going to call yourself a “free speech” platform then you better have a terms of service that reflects that claim.

Otherwise: you’re a subversive at worst and a hypocrite at best.

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