Excluding mentally incapacitated or the “suicidal”, EVERY (wo)Man on the Earth agrees with the short sentence below. Basically, if you’re sucking in air right now you have stated…






That statement contains the entire basis FOR law, so let’s break it down simply.

I (re)presents PROPERTY, as in you wholly own yourself and the fruits of your labor.
WANT TO (re)presents LIBERTY, which is free will to make decisions with your property.
LIVE (re)presents YOUR LIFE, which is foremost for property or liberty to even exist for you.


ALL law is therefore restricted to only the tenets of life, liberty and property.


Universal law requires that the law be known, comprehensible and equally applicable for all.

The lowest common denominator must be able to know and comprehend the law. This means that the scope of law is narrow by necessity, though the depth of application is unlimited. Here is THE universal law which can be known and comprehended by all within the restriction of the three (3) tenets.

Do what you will, be that it causes no threat or harm to the 1.) life, 2.) liberty or 3.) property of another.

This defines crime as having a victim with threat or harm caused to life, liberty or property. Only a “glossary of terms” is required for universal application of the law, which again is unlimited.

None of this presupposes that all humans will abide by the law, and therefore justice must be defined and applied.

To make things JUST is to RESTORE the victim of crime to the extent that it is possible. Restorative justice already includes punishment, also known as punitive justice, but with the added feature of trespassed (victim) restoration.


* * * *

As for enforcement and adjudication of THE law, I would refer to the system already laid out by:
Professor David Friedman in his work, “Machinery of Freedom”.