History is full of lies and half truths. No matter if it’s American history, French history or Russian history. Here are some things to remember that may help in weakening the propaganda of today.

  • George Washington Was Called a Terrorist
    So was Nelson Mandela, Joan of Arc and Charles de Gaulle. What? Not true? Just read some British history! Look at some archived news head lines. Hey! Don’t you believe everything you read in the news?

  • Guerilla War Fare Won the Revolutionary War
    What’s that? You thought it was actually the Continental Army (Blue Coats)? Nope! Farmers with the aid of Native Americans hid behind trees, fired some shots, then ran for their lives!

  • Attacking Corporate Property is Heroic
    Hello! Did you not learn about the Boston Tea Party in your beloved American History courses!

  • Civil Disobedience is Heroic
    No? Guess someone should have told Ghandi he was a criminal and anti-Indian then.

  • Having a Large Military Force is Considered Imperialist
    Just read some history. Remember it was once called the “British Empire”. Maybe you remember the Roman Empire? Better yet… Look the definition up in some dictionaries!


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