In the search for the Truth, people will inevitably look to certain places for the answers to their greatest questions. The sources to which they go in their search for answers are varied, spanning all aspects of secular and religious society.

The four most common places that people generally gravitate toward in their search for Truth are: political movements, religious ideologies, the physical sciences, and what has become known as the “New Age Movement”. Politics and science, of course, tend to deal mostly in physical and worldly matters, while religions and the New Age explore our non-physical, or spiritual concerns.

While each of these four areas contain certain aspects of Truth that may be found by an individual delving into their ideas and approaches, none of these areas of inquiry are broad enough to encompass a truly inspired quest for the spark of light which lies at the heart of Truth itself. The reason for this is that the Truth transcends all of these philosophies, movements, and ideologies.

Political movements, religious ideologies, “science” (especially theoretical), and what has become known as the New Age Movement are institutionalized thought systems that seek to limit knowledge (consciousness) to a pre-conceived paradigm, or way of looking at reality. A reality rigidly defined and of narrow perspective.

When one has understood this to be true, it is very clear to see that each of these ideologies actually seeks to place human consciousness “inside a box,” or within pre-defined limits, outside of which it is forbidden to extend one’s reach of awareness. Whether these limits are implied or dogmatically defined, one will most inevitably encounter them after having traveled to the paradigmatic limits of any of these belief systems

Calling them belief systems is not an exaggeration, for that is actually what each of these institutions represent, beliefs. Any system that seeks to prevent people from looking into an aspect of Truth that does not fit into their self-imposed limits is actually seeking to limit the awareness of the individual, and is therefore a belief system. For anything outside of its self-defined set of perceptions is seen as a threat to its existence and survival.



Truth is unwavering and never bends to our beliefs.

Truth can’t be threatened or “offended”.



Since Truth is indestructible due to its holographic properties, it never fears for its survival, for it can never be destroyed. It is only we who waver from the realization of Truth and its discovery, by staying inside our little boxes of consciousness that have been created for us by others… Others who have a vested interest in keeping us from straying outside of their self-created belief systems.

These individuals include, but are not limited to:
politicians, doctors, priests, financiers, police, military, scientists, and gurus.

The reason we stay inside our boxes of belief is always the same – Fear.

Most of us don’t want to stray too far away from our “comfort zones” of belief. But those of us who DO wish to have the Truth reveal itself to us must master our fear, and step outside of the boxes of consciousness created for us by others.

Outside those boxes is where the Truth will be discovered. Ultimately, that journey of discovery isn’t “out there” at all. For to undertake that journey involves diving to the depths of the heart of Truth itself, and that Truth exists within each one of us.