Exactly as predicted many, many years ago, along with this “SCAMemic”. Low and behold… a vaccine will save us and grant us our freedom from the pandemic.

Absolutely fucking brilliant! This is for you filthy sub-human “BELIEVER-inners”… NON-researchers… NON-thinkers. NON-questioners. All you good lil’ voting, taxpaying obedient “citizens (aka “slaves”)

This is all YOUR fault! This agenda can only survive on belief in evil people doing good. If you think vaccines are safe enough to give your kids and you don’t know the dangers and you simply believe government so much, that you don’t investigate beyond what you’re told. Shameful.

#EmptyHospitals #FilmYourHospital #CancelYourGovernment

No 10 seeks to end coronavirus lockdown with ‘immunity passports’

No 10 is facing fresh questions over its coronavirus testing plan, as it emerged that the government is hoping to exit the lockdown through controversial “immunity passports” and antibody tests that are still not proven to work.