In today’s “system”, the FACT is… there’s no “profit” in providing actual remedies to ANYTHING… EVER! Be it “health”, “justice”, engineering & construction, the environment, transportation, logistics, etc. PERIOD!!! No “debate”, no “argument”! This is the cold-hard objective reality! And, this is why in virology the “Germ Theory” model is so prevalent vs. the “Terrain Theory” model.

The Terrain model is based on the idea that it’s our inner terrain (and/or local environment) that sets the stage for our good or, ill health. Our genetics, what we eat, whether we get enough exercise, sunshine, ample sleep, etc.

The germ theory on the other hand is all based on the idea that there’s an ocean of microbial foreign entities ‘out there’ in the world out to get us and if we distance ourselves from them, wear masks, wash our hands, etc. we can keep the outside biological world safely at bay. This is absurd and a losing battle… an endless war and to what end? Ultimately walking around in Hazmat suits? This mindset essentially renders us all as biological victims.

I’ve been a NON-credentialed (AS IF that ACTUALLY “matters”!) researcher of this topic for well over a decade, but from what I’ve been learning about virology, the Germ Theory is filled with logical fallacies.

Just like in the Addiction Industry, where the Disease Model is the dominant model vs. the Behavioral Model, the Disease Model removes accountability from the living (wo)man. And just like this myth called “modern society” turns the masses into perpetual cry baby victims, the Disease Model serves to place blame outward. After all, most diseases (at least in conventional thinking) you can’t just “quit”.

Both the Germ Theory in virology and the Disease Model in the addiction industry serve to strip us of our most important ally… our own sovereign free will and or inborn response-ability to set the stage for our own psycho-physical health.