Esempio Perfetto (perfect example) of just HOW & WHYREALLIVING men/women live life and stand in their real power!

UN-like you filthy, spineless, godless, SUB-human, SLAVE trash that are wearing your compliance muzzles and now locked into your “vaccines” and in-DOCTOR-nation terrorism industry!



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Basilico’s Pasta e Vino (in Huntington Beach, CA) feels blessed to be on the frontlines of this battle against this domestic enemy – the enemy WITHIN; to be able to contribute to the defense and advancement of American Freedom. Ownership feels that we as Americans, ALL business owners are OBLIGATED to take a stand in the same spirit.

Most if not all businesses across this nation have already waited long enough and through two, three or more shutdowns. So, ’Make Restaurants Great Again’ challenges YOU to take your stand now! And when feeling fear of losing a business license, being issued a citation, being arrested and even fearing personal threats and attacks from the enemies of freedom, just think of our brave soldiers who have faced real bullets and bombs, and have lost far far more. Then maybe you will find your courage to finally fight, and fight entirely.

NO MORE quarter or half measures. NO MORE compromise. ELIMINATE all remnants of this great mistake in history. This is an ALL or NOTHING fight for our Freedoms!

“Make Restaurants Great Again”

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Also, I lay this info and challenge down to local / Private / Family businesses around me such as:
Jay-K Lumber
Utica Coffee
the Beer Hub
American Legion (Helmuth-Ingalls Post 232)
VFW 9591 / Clinton NY
Nail Creek Pub

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