A book entitled “a Brave New Future, 2084, Bitcoin” was published in November of 2019. The book predicted that they would use a pandemic to destroy the world economy and usher in the “NWO-please” [read details below].

The Author states that the primary purpose for writing this book was to alert people to what is really going on in this world. And, to make people question the system under which they live—to start saying ‘NO’ to the system and to begin to understand that humanity needs to elevate itself to another level of consciousness to effectively achieve real change.

It exposes the truth about 9/11, and how the elite—a very small part of the world population—control everything: the Ponzi banking system and the role of the central banks, the war on cash, vaccines and world mandatory vaccinations, mass micro-chipping and the introduction of the Social Credit Score system, GMO, the fake mainstream media and the censorship of the alternative media, the manipulation of the perception of the masses, the worldwide elite pedophile network, Agenda 21 and 30, the introduction of transhumanism, the plans for a One World Government with a One World digital currency, a One World Religion, the rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and more.

This book was written as a science fiction story with the understanding that it needed to be entertaining as well as thought-provoking to reach a large segment of the population. In brief, the story centers on two timelines. The first timeline prospers after the acceptance of Bitcoin. In this timeline, people have experienced a conscious awakening, and society—ruled without government—thrives.

However, in the second timeline, people live in a totalitarian nightmare where everyone is microchipped and controlled by the Social Credit Score system connected to AI. People are paid in emotions, and whether you are paid in positive or negative emotions depends on your Social Credit Score.