Exactly 1.5 years have passed since the start of the reformatting of capitalism and the world order. But until now, most of the world’s population does not understand the true goals and consequences of the Covid-19 project.

Covid-19 is a new religion that is already beginning to divide people into two fronts, those who believe in the Saint Covid sect and its opponents. Over the past 30-40 years, our society has been systematically going towards self-destruction, debauchery, drug addiction, destruction of family values, LGBT and sodomy, propaganda of same-sex marriage and other Lucifarianism death-cult beliefs and behaviors.

Globalists always make their plans for the years ahead, they control the minds of the crowd like flock sheep. The world will never be the same. The point of no return has already been passed.

Now many countries are intensively directing their population to vaccinations, they have a plan in the region of 50-70%, as soon as these figures are achieved in each individual country, then the remaining minority will be declared extremists and bioterrorists.

They will seek to abolish all laws and rights of vaccine opponents.

Now it is already obvious that our main danger is the vaccinated society itself, in fact, they will divide humanity into two categories of living and free and those who sold their soul and body for Lucifarian experiments.

Moreover, now, when meeting any individual, the first question that should be asked is whether you are vaccinated or not, and only then decide whether to continue communication.