SansMemetics is the creation of Eric Bochene. It is where “unauthorized thought” thrives and the status-quo withers and dies!

SansMemetics is a platform where EVERYTHING is challenged is this myth called “society” and where people are free to communicate their ideas.
The one “rule” here is be a higher-minded human being.

The foundational idea that drives this site can be summed up in the following statement:

“Belief is the Enemy of Knowing”.

Decades of Research

Eric has been at this thing commonly called “the Truth Movement” long before this virus called “social media”. In 2003 – way before there was Facebook, YouTube and so-called “YouTubers” – he created and published the website “” which operated for many years. You can verify that by visiting the WayBackMachine.

The difference between Eric / SansMemetics is… he has never been a movement or group joiner. Also, he predicted what the current / end result of things like Youtube and “YouTubers” would be. So, he never pursued it as an endeavor of “building a band / channel” or monetizing content or a channel.

``Free Speech``

This is NOT even a “question” and should never-ever be in the mind of ANY individual, group or CULT(ure)! SansMemetics is dedicated to ALL forms of communication and ALL words! Theft, violence and threats of violence (all of which could be considered “trespassing”) are the ONLY true “crimes”! “Hate speech” is made-up nonsense… end of this NON-“debate”!