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a Private Member Association (PMA)
An expression of my living will…
PUBLIC NOTICE: Be it known evermore; to all people and peoples that Joseph-Eric: Bochenek: has founded a Faith Based Union of a people of the like-kind; to be known as JOSEPH ERIC BOCHENEK FBU (a Private Member Association) for the pur-pose of be-having of what is prosperous and abundant; with pure equity in nature; with absolute right of use by, through and for, Joseph-Eric: Bochenek: of any and all real or personal effects
All events of matters of this union remain as such without dissemination: Private is private::
Any who wish to be of this natural union will be under the full armour of protection from dissemination of any de-tails of this union by the whole union as one::
As it is written, so shall it be::
Reverently: chaplain-eric:

House of Judah: in the surname of Israel:


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We support and adopt these notices in ministry and unity of freedom of transit pursuant to the sixteen-hundred-eleven version of the King James Bible at Psalms Chapter one-hundred-twenty-one in verse eight wherein it states: “The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore.”



scripture (n.)

early 14c., “the sacred writings of the Bible;” mid-14c., “a writing, an act of writing, written characters,” from Late Latin scriptura “the writings contained in the Bible, a passage from the Bible,” in classical Latin “a writing, character, inscription,” from scriptus, past participle of scribere “to write” (from PIE root *skribh- “to cut”).  [Source:]

The scriptures are mere guides, one can think of as instructions, for both private interactions and interactions with others that are foreign…

The first thing I hope all realize is this…
For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.
– Matthew 18:20 – KJV: