Here we have it. Just more evidence that you flag worshiping, patrioTARD / MAGAtard / (save the) REPUBLICtards will have to chew on showing that Donald J. (FILTHY) Trump was / is just another ass-hat clown puppet.

“Triggered” that I shite on your “republic”? Well… riddle me this ye Statism Religion worshiping slaves (collectivists). why is YOUR “Republic” so “special” seeing as “China” is officially named the “People’s Republic of China”… and… this will get the “lefties” panties in a bunch as well… “North Korea’s” name is “the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea”???



On today’s episode of the Dr. Jane Ruby Show, Dr. Jane brings you a bombshell report from Team Enigma, the analysts first known for identifying the toxic lot numbers, who now reveal leaked emails across regulatory agencies of the United States, the EU and the UK, proving that Operation Warp Speed resulted in a huge international crime. AND reports are now pouring in from Australia from peaceful protesters burned with a heat ray in the name of “crowd control” AND in the last segment, the first numbers of child injuries and deaths from the Pfizer bioweapon are trickling BUT we have proof that the real numbers are being hidden.